How to Write Nursing Research Papers.

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What is a research paper?

Nursing research papers are pieces of academic writing that provide analysis, interpretation, and argument-based on in-depth independent research on a health-based topic.

So are you still wondering why you need to write nursing research papers during the nursing coursework? The purpose of a research paper is to give each student the opportunity to demonstrate that they can investigate the effects of the research paper topic in healthcare. The goal of the assignment is to strengthen scientific thinking and writing. It is required that each student should write an objective, logical and fact-based paper using evidence from high-quality scientific sources.

For example, if you are told to write about a topic on the sociology of medicine and health. You have many options to write about. Here are some of the options(not factual) you can choose to write about.

Writing your research paper topic.

The first step before starting to write your research paper is looking for a research topic. This topic is what your research paper is about. You should strive to search for a good research topic that interests you and you can write about. Your topic should be able to be researched. This ensures that you get information to write about and evidence to support your thesis statement.

Why Your Paper Must have a Thesis.

Your research paper must have a thesis. The thesis statement is your argument in a nutshell. A solid thesis statement should aim for a single sentence. It is the sentence that tells the reader the main idea of your research paper. It wraps up what your research paper is going to discuss.

Here are some reasons why your research paper should have a strong thesis statement:

  1. To evaluate your ideas by decomposing them into one or two.
  2. To better organize and develop your research paper and
  3. The thesis provides your reader with a “guide” of your research paper.

nursing research papers

Your Analysis.

The best way to tackle a research topic is to approach the thesis statement as a question that needs to be answered. You should feel the urge to get evidence to support your statement. Thus, your main task is collecting evidence to support your arguments. This evidence may include statistics to prove your argument. Moreover, you should think critically about your thesis statement. This will help you to do better research for your research paper. A well-done research paper is the result of well-done research. But you cannot do efficient research if you do not ask yourself critical questions about your thesis statement.

Grading research papers.

Nursing research papers are graded using the criteria and point system shown in the syllabus. In addition to grading rules in the syllabus, your research paper is also graded upon how it draws concepts taught in the nursing coursework using clear writing and good documentation.

Required elements in a nursing research paper.

It should use supporting statements to support your thesis while focusing on the topic.

These are the required elements of a research paper:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Review of the literature.
  3. Methods.
  4. Results.
  5. Discussion.

The last thing that you should put in your research paper is an interesting conclusion. You should ensure your conclusion concludes your thoughts rather than presenting new ideas. This should be a summary of your paper’s main points.

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