what are the components in HBM

what are the components in HBM

First component (Individual Perception)
• Individual’s perception of susceptibility to illness:
e.g. family like with coronary health disease (CHD),
after link is recognized particularly if one parent or
both siblings have died in the 4th decade from
myocardial infections (MI).
Second component (Modifying Factors)
• Individual’s perception of the seriousness of the
illness. This perception is influenced and modified
by demographic and socio-psychological variables,
perceived threat of the illness and cues to action.
Community Health Nursing

Third component (Likelihood of Action)
The likelihood that the person will take preventive action
results from the person’s perception of the benefits of and
barriers to taking action. The preventive action may include:
Lifestyle modification/change, increased adherence to medical
therapies or search for medical advice or treatment.

what are the components in HBM

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