LDR 600 Week 7 Discussion 1, Leadership

Week 7 Discussion 1, Leadership


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As a leader, you are responsible for motivating and inspiring your team to be successful as individuals, as well as a unit. You are also responsible for creating an environment that allows them to grow, develop, and succeed. This week’s discussion will allow you the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills. For this assignment, you will be placed in a scenario where you are asked to create a presentation that will motivate and inspire your team. As you design your presentation, think about the following questions:

How do I create an environment that is conducive to my team’s success?

What motivational strategies can I use to ensure my team remains focused?

What can I do to ensure my team develops their skills?

Leadership is a quality that’s often overlooked when it comes to nursing, but the truth is that nurses are leaders.

Nurses are often the people in charge of a patient’s care, and they supervise CNAs and other nursing staff.

Nursing also requires strong communication skills and the ability to empathize with patients—both are crucial leadership attributes.

Nursing is a trust profession – so we are entrusted to give people a better, healthier life. The leadership of our profession must be strong in order to make sure that nurses can do their jobs and look after their patients. Nurses need good leaders in order to do the right thing by their patients and the nursing profession.

The concept of leadership is complex and dynamic, and it can be difficult to define.

Leadership is often described as having a vision and being able to communicate that vision to others. It’s also about being able to motivate people towards accomplishing goals. What I think makes an effective leader is that they understand the difference between “good” and “bad” influence. Good influence means using your power for good, while bad influence means using your power selfishly or irresponsibly.

A good leader might be willing to compromise on the details of how things get done but stays focused on achieving a particular result or meeting a benchmark. They are willing to accommodate different perspectives and ideas, but they are also decisive when necessary. They are open-minded, but they are not afraid of making decisions based on facts or logic rather than feelings or emotions alone.


Week 7 Discussion 1, Leadership

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