LDR 600 Week 3 Discussion 2, CEO Alan Mullaly Leadership in Ford Motor Company

Week 3 Discussion 2, CEO Alan Mullaly Leadership in Ford Motor Company


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Alan Mullaly is the CEO of Ford Motor Company.

Before joining Ford, Mullaly was a leader of many other organizations including Boeing and IBM.

He has great leadership and management skills.

Mullaly was able to lead Ford to great success in the automobile industry.

During his tenure as CEO, Ford saw many positive changes and differences in the company culture.

In this discussion, you will compare and contrast the effective leadership styles of Alan Mulally at Ford Motor Company and Stephen Roach at Morgan Stanley.

As a CEO, Mulally demonstrated transformational leadership with his ability to make decisions that would change the culture of the organization. He transformed Ford from a company facing bankruptcy to a company that is now thriving by making difficult decisions that led to layoffs and closing plants. His ability to communicate with employees and make them feel involved in the decision-making process was another key component of transformational leadership. Mulally would ask everyone in his meetings “What are our problems?” and then “How do we fix it?” (Harvard Business Review, 2014).

Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm that provides investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. In 2000, Stephen Roach was named chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia. Under his tenure as chairman, he helped grow revenue in the company’s Asia operations by over $1 billion. He also transformed Morgan Stanley Asia by focusing on building relationships with clients in China and developing new products for their needs (Biography.com Editors).

Finally, he took risks such as buying an underperforming bank in Japan at the height of its

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In 2008, Ford Motor Company faced a number of challenges. When Alan Mullaly came in to take over as CEO, he was faced with the challenge of making Ford profitable again, transforming the culture of the company, and restoring credibility in the brand. He did this by focusing on three things:

• Selling the company on his vision for change

• Making the changes needed to transform the business

• Communicating that change to the public

Mullaly was able to turn Ford around in less than 5 years by working with his team to come up with a new plan for the future—a plan that could only be accomplished by changing every aspect of Ford’s business. He communicated that plan to every employee from top to bottom so everyone would understand what they needed to do in order to make it a reality. Mullaly also worked hard at building credibility with customers and investors so they could see how committed he was to getting back on track. By doing these three things well, Mullaly was able to restore confidence in the company and give people hope that they could succeed again.

Managers are those who manage the company and its activities. Managers are responsible in making sure that their time, resources and team members are properly used in order to achieve a certain goal. They also have to ensure that the goals set by the company and the stakeholders are attained. However, leaders are those who will think of ways on how they can inspire their team members to work harder and achieve the company’s goals. Leaders always aim for the success of his or her team members because it is through empowering them that they know that they will be able to attain all their goals.

Leadership plays a very important role in attaining organizational goals. It is through leadership that managers are able to come up with different ways on how they can improve their performance at work. Through leadership, a manager is able to motivate his or her subordinates in order for them to be more efficient at work. This will eventually lead to the attainment of company goals and objectives.


I’m happy to write the discussion post for you! I read through the guidelines and I have a few questions:

* What is the length requirement?

* Does the content have to be “business-y,” or would it be okay to post something that is more casual?



Week 3 Discussion 2, CEO Alan Mullaly Leadership in Ford Motor Company

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