LDR 600 Week 3 Discussion 1 Organizational Leadership

Week 3 Discussion 1 Organizational Leadership



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To begin this discussion, use the criteria from the Learning Resources to analyze a leader of your choosing. Indicate which criteria you think the leader demonstrates and does not demonstrate.

Next, identify an organization that you would like to learn more about. Explain how you will use the Library and other resources to conduct research on this organization.

Finally, share a thought about how leadership in an organization provides direction for meeting organizational goals and objectives.


The leader is an individual who can get and maintain control or power over the followers. Leaders are people who inspire others to follow them by encouraging the followers, by setting examples and by offering rewards.

Leadership is a process of influencing the behavior of individuals in an organization to achieve a common goal. In other words, leadership is a process of influencing the behavior of people in a group so that they act towards achieving the objectives of the organization.

Leadership is a process where by an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. The leader may or may not have any formal authority. Leadership involves the incorporation of creativity and innovation in leading people to partake in something that can be believed to be useful for all lives (Blanchard 56). Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership knowledge and skills. This paper describes some various aspects of leadership as presented in the article “Leadership Style for Success” written by Blanchard, K., & Johnson, S. (1982)

An organization’s culture is the embodiment of their beliefs, values and attitudes. This includes the way they make decisions, how they resolve conflict and how they operate as a whole. A good organizational culture will result in a positive environment where employees feel comfortable and engaged with their work (“What is Organizational Culture? Definition and Meaning,” 2019).

Cultures are created to meet the needs of an organization. This includes the values of the company, its customers, their clients and the leaders who guide them. The culture is an unspoken covenant between the employees and the organization (Daft & Lane, 2013).

Organizational culture is important because it shows what makes them unique to other organizations within that industry. It helps to set them apart from competitors by creating a brand identity for themselves. Their culture also dictates how they treat their customers which impacts their relationships with them (Brown & Benson, 2009). Organizational cultures can also impact how well employees do at their jobs which affects overall productivity levels within an organization (Daft & Lane, 2013).

The nurses in this article were experiencing burnout from working long hours but felt compelled to stay at their job due to financial issues at home. This is not uncommon for nurses who work 12 hour shifts


Week 3 Discussion 1 Organizational Leadership

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