HCA 240 Assignment 4 Transitional Care Application Scenario

HCA 240 Assignment 4 Transitional Care Application Scenario


The following is a description of the 6 Transitional Care Model (TCM) application scenario assignment.

In this transitional care assignment help scenario presentation, the learners will get an in depth knowledge of how to make a nursing application for a transitional care appointment. Particular attention will be paid to highlights of the process that may not always be obvious to someone who is new or who has only made one or two applications.

Please note that this scenario assignment help is meant for nursing students inside the USA. Nurses who are currently completing an online course or working on their degree need assistance by addressing this question: The American Nurses Association states that “The profession of nursing recognizes the importance of transitional care management services.” This type of assistance is offered by some healthcare agencies. Answer this, while keeping in mind all aspects needed when writing a standard nursing care plan.

Before you can begin your assignment, you will need to apply for the Transitional Care Clinic. Here is a scenario that follows Sara, a student at Raleigh Community College, as she applies for the TCC.

Transitional care has come to the forefront of medicine over the past decade. Some healthcare facilities have embraced the philosophy that coordinated care supported by a solid IT infrastructure is necessary to provide the optimal level of care patients deserve.

The narrator describes a scenario related to transitional care that is being presented in the context of a school lecture, making a case for development of skills to support this. The instructor asks for the correct name for the pill, the student responds with the proper medication and details on how much it should be taken.

Transitional care can be a nurse’s greatest challenge. In this scenario, you are a critically ill patient who is moved from critical care unit to a lower-acuity step-down unit. A newly admitted patient is admitted with multiple comorbidities, requiring close monitoring and frequent assessment for deteriorating conditions. As an active learner and team member, what do you do?

Transitional Care Application Scenario

Transitional care is where the specialty of nursing shines. In this book you will learn how to use your assessment and diagnostic skills to determine a plan of care for a patient as he or she moves from one healthcare setting to another.

Scenario: You are a new RN on rotatation in the transitional care ward. When you see your first patient, you realize that you don’t know what to do to treat the patient properly. Your instructor comes in and takes over your care of the patients in your care of the patients in your section. You take the opportunity to ask him what you should be doing. He responds descriptively by describing all the steps that should be taken and their sequence. However, you don’t have time to write down all his instructions on how to give “game-time” orders. What could you do next? If a situation like this occurs again, what would you do? How would it be different from now?

Nursing care plans are associated with several forms of detailed clinical decision making.

Betty’s mother is a new resident of the local nursing home. She has been quite a handful for the staff–it seems that every time they have settled her in to some activities, she has found something to complain about and therefore stopped participating in them. How are they going to deal with this?


HCA 240 Assignment 4 Transitional Care Application Scenario

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