Submit a one-page in APA Style that explains your personal nursing philosophy

Submit a one-page in APA Style that explains your personal nursing philosophy


What is your personal nursing philosophy? Explain your view of health. How has critical thinking affected your future role as a nurse? What impact do you want to make in patient care and health promotion? These are important questions you will ask yourself as you begin to develop your nursing philosophy. Describe what you already know about your future role as a professional nurse.

What is your personal philosophy for care? Is health about the body or about the mind? How has your critical thinking grown over time? What aspects of nursing interest you the most, and how have you applied your critical thinking to those aspects?

Take a minuscule amount of time to ponder your future role as a nurse. Your personal nursing philosophy statement is the voice of who you are today and the thoughts you hold about self, health and wellness. This statement is the basis for your career as a nurse; your direction, commitment and dedication to your values, goals, convictions and ethics.

This is a very difficult assignment to write because it forces you to think critically about your strengths and areas of improvement as a nursing student. This assignment will not be graded, but will give you a good feel for how to write an academic paper. Before beginning, take some time and read over the Nursing Student Philosophy personal statement writing guide page at and read over some of the personal statements from students on our site that are listed in the Nursing Personal Statement examples category.

Developing a solid nursing philosophy and sense of identity as a nurse is an important part of every nurse’s career.

As a student nurse in your final semester of R.N. education, you are well aware of the importance of your chosen career as a registered nurse. At the same time you have been given the privilege of being a part of the ever-growing healthcare team within all facets of health care. You have also learned that critically analyzing healthcare and formulating plans for resolving problems or issues is key to being an effective member of any healthcare team.

As a nursing student, I can relate to the critical needs of patients. It’s vital that the nurse understands the daily demands of his or her role while supporting the patient in any way possible, including encouraging their personal growth and continued quality of life.

Think about your most recent assessment you performed in your clinical article exam. You assessed a patient for postoperative deep abdominal pain. The patient came to surgery just six days ago after a laparoscopy was done to help control her frequent abdominal pain from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A lifestyle that involves drinking coffee, eating bread and butter for breakfast, and constantly feeling on edge is not the way to live. I would like to encourage everyone to take special care of their health. I believe that anyone can be healthy if they make it a priority. Our attitude towards life is what determines whether we suffer from stress or enjoy life.

There is no sense of right and wrong. There is no sense of right or wrong. You have to figure out what is right and see where the majority lies then you can find the rest. Philosophy is something that has been around for a really long time that is adopted by many people for various reasons.


Submit a one-page in APA Style that explains your personal nursing philosophy, your view of health, your growth in critical thinking, and your future role as a nurse. Include your view of health and your thoughts on your future role as a nurse.

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