Nursing paper on proper nursing diagnosis.

This guide focuses on writing a nursing paper on proper nursing diagnosis. It will explain in a comprehensive manner how to write an impressive nursing paper on proper nursing diagnosis.

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Definition of terms:

1.    nursing diagnosis.

A nursing diagnosis may be part of the nursing process and is defined as a clinical judgment about an individual, family, or community experiences to actual or potential health problems.

2.    Medical diagnosis.

A medical diagnosis is made by a physician or a medical practitioner who deals more with the disease or medical condition or pathological state only a practitioner can treat.

3.    Collaborative problems.

Collaborative problems are problems that nurses using independent and physician-prescribed interventions.

4.    NANDA-I.

NANDA-International (NANDA-I) is the principal organization for defining, distributing, and integrating standardized nursing diagnoses worldwide. It was formerly known as the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association.

proper nursing diagnosis papers

What are the different types of nursing diagnosis?

There are four types of nursing diagnoses and include:

  • Actual or problem-focused.
  • Risk.
  • Syndrome.
  • Health promotion.

Goals of a nursing diagnosis.

  1. Nursing diagnosis serves as a teaching tool to aid sharpen problem-solving and critical thinking skills of nursing students. To help identify nursing priorities and help direct nursing interventions based on priorities.
  2. It aids in the formulation of expected outcomes for quality assurance requirements for third party payers.
  3. It helps to identify how a group reacts to actual or potential health and life processes and knowing the resources that can be used to prevent or resolve problems.
  4. Provides a common language and forms a basis for communication and understanding between nursing professionals and the healthcare team.
  5. Provides a basis of assessment to determine if nursing care was beneficial to the client and cost-effective.

How to diagnose?

Analyze data.

Data analysis involves comparing patient standards, clustering cues, and identifying inconsistencies.

Identifying health problems, risks, and strengths.

This is a decision-making step. The nurse focuses on determining whether a problem is a nursing diagnosis, medical diagnosis, or a collaborative problem.

Formulating diagnostic statements.

This is the last step of the diagnostic process. This is when the nurse is required to design diagnostic statements.

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