PowerPoint Presentation on NURS 3110 Information Management and Patient Care Technology in 2022.


Tips To Making A Successful PowerPoint Presentation on NURS 3110 Information Management and Patient Care Technology.


Review the Walden Writing Center’s PowerPoint Presentation Template

While this template gives a rough format that you may use to assist guide your presentation, you are encouraged to apply your own creativity in developing your presentation to the hospital administration.

Read the instructions below to finish the evaluation. Then, develop a 12- to 15-slide presentation (excluding the cover and reference slides) that compares the performance of two healthcare institutions.


Your healthcare organization’s administrator is asking nurse leaders to understand how the quality of care is measured and what each nurse can do to have an effect on areas that need improvement in healthcare organizations.

Each nurse leader is tasked with gathering relevant data from two companies and comparing it in order to measure performance. When using the benchmark data from the Compare sites, state and national averages should be found and used to construct a presentation for the hospital administration.

PowerPoint Presentation on NURS 3110 Information Management and Patient Care Technology

You will develop and prepare a presentation highlighting performance comparisons for two healthcare businesses in response to your administrator’s request. It is important to note that you should compare two healthcare organizations of the same type

(For example, if you choose a hospital, you must also choose another hospital for the comparison; if you choose a home health agency, you must also choose an additional home health agency for the comparison.)

Make sure that the content in your presentation is based on your clinical experience. Examine the data from the Compare sites and think about what the data could be emphasizing and revealing about the success of each healthcare company.

The following sections should be included in your presentation:

  1. Name and title on the cover slide (1 slide)
  2. Identify and detail any probable reasons that might account for performance measures. (two to three slides)
  3. Explain how these disparities in performance metrics may affect nursing practice. (2-3


  1. Describe the publicly available statistics on care quality and safety for TWO of the following.


  1. Choose hospitals, nursing homes, or home health care providers and describe their services.

data from the organizations in your comparison: (6 slides)

  1. Health-care facilities (Choose one of the following to compare two hospitals)
  2. Results of a Patient Survey
  3. Care that is timely and effective
  4. Complications, readmissions, and deaths
  5. Connecting Quality and Payment
  6. Volume of Medicare
  1. Provide recommendations that are backed by the research literature for clinical choices that may potentially explain why the healthcare facilities are performing well including an explanation from the nurse leader on what they will do to maintain the high performance of the healthcare organization. (2-3 slides)
  2. Lastly, provide a reference slide. Here you will cite all your sources that were used to develop your presentation. (1 slide).


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PowerPoint Presentation on NURS 3110 Information Management and Patient Care Technology


Walden PowerPoint Presentation Template -http://academicguides.waldenu.edu/writingcenter/templates/general#s-lg-box 2774362.


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