Physics 2 Laboratory

Physics 2 Laboratory


Physics 2 Laboratory


Magnetism – A Virtual PhET Lab

 After completing this lab activity, the students should be able to:

  • Conduct an experiment to determine the magnetic field generated by a current-carrying wire loop
  • Calculate the magnetic field generated by a current-carrying wire loop
  • Write a lab report

Lab Report

The lab report must include the following:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Experimental Details or Theoretical Analysis
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions and Summary
  • References

Lab Activity

Please follow the steps given below to conduct the experiment:

  • This lab requires you to produce a lab report to determine the Magnetic Field in a Current-Carrying Wire Loop.” This is the “Title” of your lab report.
  • Read the relevant chapter on magnetism and add an “Introduction.”

You conduct this lab by connecting to the PhET website by clicking on the link given below (or where applicable through the embedded simulation on the lab page):

  • Once you open the simulation, select “Electromagnet.” Then, please check all the boxes on the simulation page. Follow the lab scenario given to produce the lab report. All movements and tools you use in this simulated experiment will form the “Experimental Details” section of the lab report. You must keep a record of all the values appearing on the screen as experimental values for the scenario. These values also form part of the “Results” section of the lab report. Now, complete the theoretical calculations. These calculated values also form the “Results” section of the lab report.
  • Now, you can complete the “Discussion” section of your lab report by discussing the values and any other information relevant to the experiment.
  • Complete the lab report by adding a summary to the “Conclusion” section of your lab report

Lab Scenario

Find the radius of the wire loops in the simulation by using an appropriate equation. Please confirm the radius of the wire loops by conducting the experiment at least for three different loops.

Note that you can obtain the Magnetic Field Strength at the center of the loop by using the Field Meter. Make sure to keep the voltage to 10V and assume the current as 3 A. The permeability of free space value as 4pi X 10-7 T m/A.

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