Which of the following personality disorders is associated with females with fragile X syndrome?

Personality disorders is associated with females with fragile X syndrome


You may be interested to know that the personality disorder associated with females with fragile X syndrome is borderline personality disorder.

Female fragile X syndrome patients usually suffer from depression and anxiety. They have a high probability of suffering from borderline, antisocial, and antisocially personality disorders.

People with a diagnosis of fragile X syndrome have many health issues. Those that are women are especially at risk of developing Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar I Disorder.

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Most of the psychiatric disorders in individuals with fragile X syndrome may be treated with medications. These disorders include mental retardation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, and some autistic behaviors.

Females with fragile X syndrome tend to be more likely to develop one of the following …

You must be thinking why the website asks such a question. The reason is that it is associated with identification of patients who have fragile x syndrome. Female patients are more likely to present complicated issues related to this syndrome than males. The disorder is caused by the expansion of triplet repeats in the gene on the X chromosome. You need to know that this gene is responsible for normal development of brain as well as other body parts in both girls and boys.

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Which of the following personality disorders is associated with females with fragile X syndrome?

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