PEDRI WEEK 11 Transcultural nursing.

PEDRI WEEK 11 Transcultural nursing.

Answer: PEDRI WEEK 11 Transcultural nursing.

Transcultural nursing entails being culturally aware while focusing on individual patients, their needs, and preferences. Show your patients that you value their culture by inquiring about it, their values, and relevant health care practices.

5 ways to help you provide culturally competent nursing care.
  • Perform a cultural competence self-assessment.
  • Obtain a certificate in cultural competence.
  • Improve communication and language barriers.
  • Directly engage in cross-cultural interactions with patients.
  • Participate in online chats and networks.

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Explain Transcultural Nursing by Madeleine Leininger and how can you apply it to your nursing practice? APA format, minimum of 150 words, and 2 APA references.

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