Patients on lithium carbonate for management of bipolar disorder should be subject to routine assessment of:

Patients on lithium carbonate for management of bipolar disorder should be subject to routine assessment of:


We are an expert nursing assignment help provider made up of a team of expert nurse writers. We have considerable years of experience on nursing and medical writing services. Patients who have been prescribed lithium carbonate for management of bipolar disorders need to be subjected to a routine assessment of at least two important factors: 1) their renal function and 2) their Toxicity levels.

Lithium carbonate is a drug used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Patients on this medication should be monitored regularly to help prevent serious side effects. This article reviews some of the actions that patients on this medication should be subject to, such as regular blood monitoring and the discontinuation of lithium carbonate as soon as manic or depressive symptoms appear.

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Bipolar disorder is a mental condition marked by mood swings ranging from extreme highs to emotional lows. It can take a huge toll on an individual and those around them, but with help and support, many people live full and happy lives. Electrolytes maintain the fluid balance in blood and body tissues, so if levels are out of balance within the blood, severe problems may arise. Lithium is used by the body to maintain proper levels of sodium and potassium while carbonate helps regulate the pH level of body fluids. Together they form lithium carbonate to maintain this delicate balance.

According to a  scientific study, Lithium is the most frequently used mood-stabilizing drug in the treatment of bipolar disorder. However, its use may result in several side effects. How do a patient and physician handle these side effects?

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If you’re on lithium, remember your doctor’s advice on how to manage being at high altitude. If you are not taking medications, ask your doctor if medicines such as acetazolamide, nifedipine, or clonidine can help manage acute mountain sickness in combination with rest and good nutrition.


Patients on lithium carbonate for management of bipolar disorder should be subject to routine assessment of:

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