96 Interesting Nursing Research Topics in 2022.


Finding interesting nursing research topics to write about is one of the most challenging things for nursing students.

This is mostly because this kind of writing demands the students to immerse themselves in deep research and to sharpen their academic writing skills. Additionally, nursing students also get pressure since the nursing research topic their write about will determine whether their pass or don’t pass their final exams.

At nursingessayhelp.org, we have compiled a list of 96 best nursing research topics to write about in 2022. Moreover, we have a team of competent writers if you need help with writing a top-notch nursing research paper.

How to choose a nursing research topic for nursing students.

Are you still searching for an impressive nursing research topic to write about?

These are the 5 crucial things you should consider before choosing a nursing research topic:

  1. Interesting.
  2. Relevant/meaningful.
  3. Explorative.
  4. Specific.
  5. Original.

When picking your nursing research topic, it should be interesting to motivate you to write. You should also ask your professor/mentor to see if they can help you make your topic more specific and make your research a success.

Read this article to guide you on how to write nursing research papers.

Nursing research topics from 9 nursing subjects.


Here are the nursing topics to write about in 2022 from 9 subjects:

1.      Nursing research topics in Childhood nursing.

For those who wish to specialize in pediatric nursing, you can write about topics in childhood nursing. These topics include:


2.      Interesting topics in Adult nursing.

Adult nursing refers to the care of people aged 18 and above. Under this subject, you can write about the following topics:

  • Acute coronary syndrome treatment.
  • Reasons behind anxiety disorders.
  • CV imaging process.
  • Bipolar disorder non-chemical practices.
  • Clinical cardiology innovations.
  • Migraine case examples.
  • Exercise and sports medicine.
  • Obesity and weight management programs.

3.      Fun topics in Midwifery nursing.


  • Maternal and neonatal practices in rural areas.
  • First antenatal appointment analysis.
  • Mental illness and post-natal period.
  • Midwifery continued care.
  • Gestation weight gain challenges.
  • Positive birth experience case study.
  • Childbirth efficacy analysis.

4.      Nursing research topics in Elderly nursing.

Elderly nursing refers to giving care to geriatric patients, usually over the age of 65. In this subject, you can write about the following interesting topics:

  • Alzheimer’s disease nursing diagnosis essay.
  • Atrial fibrillation study.
  • Geriatrics ethics.
  • Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Joint disorders study in the elderly population.
  • Bladder cancer therapy.
  • Cardiovascular risk reduction.
  • Critical care requirements.
  • Restless legs syndrome.
  • Parkinson’s disease precautions.

5.      Nursing research topics in Mental Health.

Mental health nursing refers to providing care to patients who are affected by mental processes. Under this subject, you can write about the following fun topics:

  • Alcohol addiction disorders.
  • Depression causes.
  • Schizophrenia diagnostics.
  • Stress among police officers.
  • Psychiatric patient ethics.
  • Teenage aggression and video games.
  • Forbidden substances prevention use.
  • Physical traumas and recovery methods.
  • Bipolar disorder.

6.      Women’s health.

  • Infertility ethical rules.
  • Menopause challenges.
  • Breast cancer treatment and prognosis.
  • Modern neonatal practices.
  • Ovarian disorder analysis.
  • Pregnancy prevention measures.
  • Reproductive endocrinology.
  • Female sexual health disorders.
  • Sleep disorders in women.
  • Vaginal atrophy causes.

7.      Pain management nursing.

  • Headache treatment protocol.
  • Abdominal pain management in children.
  • Innovative injection use.
  • Therapeutic injections.
  • Myofascial pain rehabilitation.
  • Pain limits analysis.
  • Phantom pains phenomenon.
  • Bone healing and opioids.

8.      Nursing research topics in Technological nursing.

  • Computerized Documentation For Nursing Quality And Superior Patient Results
  • Patient And Staff Identification Systems In Healthcare Centers
  • Ethical Concerns For Psychiatric Patients
  • Point-Of-Care Technology In Nursing
  • Integrating Technology In Nursing Education
  • Electronic Health Records (Ehr) And Policymaking.
  • Robotics In Nursing
  • Evaluating Bias In Most Healthcare Financing Strategies.
  • Ethical Concerns Regarding Male Nurses Offering Intimate Care To Female Patients
  • Is Nursing Only The Women’s Job
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Managing Chronic Diseases With Technology
  • Medical Services And Telehealth At Patients’ Homes. Merits and Demerits.
  • Primary Roles Of Nurses Working In Educational Institutes

9.      Health promotion research topics.

  • Roles of school nurses.
  • Benefits and shortages of telemedicine.
  • Healthy eating and sports.
  • Parental roles for a healthy lifestyle for children.
  • Pharmacist responsibility.
  • Social work and roles of health promotion specialist.
  • Adolescent education on safe sex culture.
  • Medical sales promotion campaign ethics.
  • Digital age healthcare dangers.
  • Disease control and prevention initiatives.

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