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What is nursing?

The nursing profession is found within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. It is a field that emerged from medical science. It focuses more on assistance to the doctors who specialize in different fields.

Who is a nurse?

A nurse is a person who has completed a program of basic, generalized nursing education and is authorized by the appropriate regulatory authority to practice nursing in his/her country.

It takes a whole team of professionals to tend to national healthcare needs. Nurses are the backbone that keeps the health care system running. They perform different tasks ranging from providing bulk daycare, serving as liaisons between physicians and patients, and sometimes perform the role of doctors.

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What makes a good nurse?

  1. Caring – Caring as a nursing quality makes all the difference to patients. A nurse who shows the tendency to truly care about how their patients feel will have a significant impact on their success in their nursing career. This makes caring a key indicator of success in a nursing career.
  2. Empathy – A characteristic of a good nurse is one that shows empathy to each patient, making a true effort to put themselves in their patients’ shoes. Nurses with this characteristic tend to treat their patients as “people” and focus on their well-being.
  3. Problem-solving skills – Problem-solving skills is one of the major characteristics of a good nurse. This is due to the fact that nurses who stay longer with patients are responsible for much decision-making related to their patient’s care. A bad decision can cause adverse effects on the patient’s well-being. Thus, a nurse should have problem-solving skills.
  4. Communication skills – Strong communication skills is one of the critical characteristics of a nurse. This is because a nurse’s role relies on the ability to effectively communicate with other nurses, physicians, disciplines across other units, patients, and their families.
  5. Stamina – Having sufficient stamina is one of the most important skills of a good nurse. This skill impacts the coworkers, nurses, and patients. In short, learning to manage this skill is what makes a great nurse.
  6. Attention to detail.
  7. Willingness to learn – With the recent inventions and technologies, the medical field has greatly evolved. Thus, a good nurse should possess a willingness to learn and apply what they have learned in inpatient care.
  8. Sense of humor – This skill helps the nurses as a form of stress-relief.
  9. Commitment to patient advocacy – A nurse who practices with a strong passion for patient advocacy will ensure they are always fighting for the very best care of their patients.
  10. Critical thinking and time management skills.
  11. Experience and leadership.


What are the careers and specialties in the nursing profession?

The nursing profession is a field that has a wide range of specialties. If you aspire to become a nurse, there are many specialties associated with the field. You can pursue courses related to Cardiac Care Nursing, Orthopedic Nursing, Perioperative Nurse, and many others. Some of the nurse care categories are:

  1. Registered nurses. – Registered nurses are the main hand of healthcare in many countries. They check health history and perform physical examinations before making any critical decisions. They also give health counseling, education, and promotion. Moreover, they are responsible for coordinating care in a large array of healthcare professionals.
  2. Licensed practical nurses ( LPNs). –  They work in presence of registered nurses, MD and APRNs. They take initial training and provide routine care to ensure patients are directly in the health care process. Moreover, they have many roles in a health care setting and are responsible for checking signs in patients to determine whether they are getting better or not. LPN makes sure that the patients feel comfortable, hydrated, and well-fed. They perform fundamental nursing work like changing bandages and dressing wounds.
  3. APRNs practical nurses – They prescribe medication, minor disease treatment, nurse practitioners, and simple injuries. These clinical nurses also look at a large range of mental and physical problems.

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