Writing Successful Nursing Career Goals Essay.


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Why did I choose Nursing as a career?

Nursing students have many reasons behind choosing a nursing career. Some choose nursing as their career because their view it as versatile while others see nursing as a trusted and rewarding career.

However, before joining a nursing program, students have to endure a tedious application process to the nursing program of their choice. Among the many things that are required before enrolling is a nursing career goals essay. A nursing student is required to present his/her nursing career goals and reasons why they choose a nursing profession.

steps to write nursing career goals essay

Students often face difficulties when writing a good nursing career goals essay. This article covers what students need to capture in their essay in order to be successful in enrolling in their nursing program option.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Writing a Successful Nursing Career Goals Essay.

There are 3 simple steps into writing a successful nursing career goals essay. By reading this guide, you will be able to plan, build an outline and write a good nursing career goals essay. If you need help, at NursingessayHelp.Org, we have a team of competent writers who are willing to deliver a top-notch nursing career goals essay at an affordable rate.

These steps include:

Step 1: Planning Your Nursing Career Goal Essay.

#Step 2: Build an Outline for Your Nursing Career Goal Essay.

Step 3: Actual Writing of your Nursing Career Goals Essay.


Step 1: Planning Your Nursing Career Goal Essay.

The process of writing a high-quality nurse career goals essay starts with thinking about your goals and what you wish to achieve as a nurse.

Keep in mind that this first phase is just brainstorming and gathering ideas, not actual writing of the essay.

Depending on which healthcare settings you wish to work in, come up with different nursing career paths you can take.

You can make a list of several nursing career path options such as:

Bedside Nursing


  • Travel Nurse
  • Hospice Nurse
  • Forensic Nurse
  • Home Health Nurse
  • Non-Bedside Nursing

Clinical Nurse Educator

  • IT Nurse
  • Telephone Triage Nurse
  • Nurse Advocate
  • Nurse Instructor

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After you have laid out several nursing careers options, choose one that interests you. Then focus on creating content about the nursing career path option that you choose. Take your time to think about all the things that you wish to address in your nursing essay. Think about who your audience is, things that interest you in the direction you have chosen, why you choose that career path, any traits that make you suitable for that nursing career option among other important details.

What to address in a nurse as a profession essay?

What does nursing mean to you?

Why choose nursing as a profession?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What does it mean to you to be a nurse?


#Step 2: Build an Outline for Your Nursing Career Goal Essay.

After planning your nursing career goal essay, the next step involves creating a good outline for your nursing essay.

Structuring your nursing essay.

Generally, the structure of nursing essays includes:

  • A short and precise title – helps to grab the reader’s attention.
  • A catchy introduction. – In your introduction, ensure that you hook your reader, deliver your personal statement and write an interesting story.
  • A detailed body. – This is the part where you present your nursing goals. Write short and clear paragraphs. Express your long-term and short-term goals. You can also explain the reason why you want to be a nurse.
  • Brief and precise conclusion. – Many readers jump to the conclusion before reading your nursing essay. Thus, it is important to emphasize your main statement and to summarize your nursing essay in 2-3 sentences. Make sure you leave an impression on your audience.

Step 3: Actual Writing of your Nursing Career Goals Essay.

You have finished all the preparations. It’s time to get dirty. You should consider writing a rough draft before writing your final essay.

Following the outline you created in the previous step, start by writing a compelling title for your nursing essay. You should keep in mind that your title and introduction determine whether your reader will read the rest of your text. Be creative when writing your title and introduction. Most importantly, you should ensure that you capture your reader’s attention.

In the body of your nursing career goals essay, make sure that you state all the reasons you wish to pursue a nursing career. Give a personal reason as to why you feel a strong desire of pursuing a nursing profession. You can make your body enticing by providing a personal experience that shows that you are aware of both sides of the nursing profession.

After you have written a body for your essay, conclude by summarizing your essay in 2-3 sentences. Make sure that your conclusion includes your strengths and weaknesses.

# BONUS TIP: A good way of ending your essay is by using an intriguing question or an impactful question.

What Next After Writing My Nursing Career Goals Essay?

Once you finish writing your essay, proofread to correct any errors. Check plagiarism, citations and ensure that you have used the correct writing style.

Follow the instructions given if any and pay attention to the language and tone you have used when talking about your personal experiences.

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