Students in a NURS 4115 ROLE OF THE NURSE IN PUBLIC AND GLOBAL HEALTH course broaden their perspectives on health promotion and disease prevention as they investigate health concerns that transcend country borders, class, color, ethnicity, and culture. Students assess the nurse’s involvement in conserving and improving health among varied communities, as well as the nurse’s function in sickness prevention and health promotion, protection, and maintenance of specific populations. They also investigate epidemiological concepts and the socio-political issues that influence human health and well-being. Students do tasks that give practical application of information on current concerns such as infant mortality rates in the United States and overseas, infectious or communicable diseases, and the effects of global climate change on health, among others.


NURS 4115 Week 2 Discussion: The Role of the Nurse in Public and Global Health


NURS 4115 Week 2 Discussion Task – Nurses Working to Improve the Socioeconomic Status of Underprivileged Citizens Through Government Action


Poverty’s impact on health is a problem that transcends national boundaries. The readings for this week addressed some of the political, economic, and ethical concerns that contribute to health inequalities in developed and poor nations. Furthermore, in this weekâ€TMs first media presentation, Dr. Mancuso and Dr. Huijer presented views on how to engage inside political institutions to effect beneficial changes in health care. Consider the role of nurses in meeting these needs and bringing about change.

To get ready for this discussion, do the following:


Examine the case study “Improving the Health of the Poor in Mexico.” Then, prepare an answer to the following questions:

  • What impact do politics and economics have on health and health care? NURS 4115 Week 2 Discussion: The Role of the Nurse in Public and Global Health
  • What are the advantages of giving monetary handouts to mothers?
  • What societal issues could be caused by granting monetary handouts to mothers?
  • Do you believe the resources were dispersed ethically? (Consider stereotyping.)
  • What, if any, adjustments do you believe should be made to the program?
  • What might you say as a nurse to assist keep the program funded if it were to be canceled for whatever reason?

Fill in the blanks with your responses to the following prompts:

Explain how politics and economics affect health and the healthcare system from your point of view. Analyze and explain if the political and/or economic systems have a significant impact on your or your family’s access to health. Then, explain how government action may help a healthcare system. Provide specifics and instances.

References from the professional nursing literature should be used to back up your response.

Note The first post should be a three-paragraph (at least 350-word) answer. Make careful to provide in-text citations and evidence from the readings. Use essay-level writing practice and abilities, such as transitional content and organizational frameworks. Avoid using quotations; instead, paraphrase to incorporate facts into your own work. There must be a reference list.


Additional Useful Tips When Writing NURS 4115 ROLE OF THE NURSE IN PUBLIC AND GLOBAL HEALTH Nursing Assignments and Homeworks.


1.      The APA Format and the Writing Quality


Learn how to use APA format and practice using it effectively. It is utilized for the majority of your degree’s writing tasks. For APA paper templates, citation examples, and advice, go to the Writing Center in the Student Success Center, which may be found under the Resources option in LoudCloud. Points will be removed if the APA format is not used correctly or if the APA format is not used at all (if required).

Cite all information sources! Cite the source whenever possible. A citation is also required when paraphrasing.

It is better to use the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition.


2.      Utilization of Direct Quotes


At the master’s level, I discourage the use of direct quotations in DQs and assignments and subtract points appropriately.

As master’s level students, you must be able to critically assess and comprehend material from journal articles and other sources. Simply repeating someone else’s words does not indicate comprehension or critical examination of the topic.

It is preferable to paraphrase and reference your sources.

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