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What is Nursing practice?

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the key leader in setting goals, objectives, and professional practice for nursing. ANA defines nursing as the caring-based practice in which processes of diagnosis and treatment are applied to human experiences of health and illness.

According to ANA, there are three basic nursing activities that influence issues related to the environment and health.

These three basic nursing activities include:

  • Restorative practices that modify the impact of illness and diseases.
  • Supportive practices aimed at modifying relationships and supporting health.
  • Promotive practices mobilize healthy patterns of living, foster personal and familial development, and support self-defined goals of individuals, families, and communities.

What is holistic nursing practice?

Holistic nursing practice requires nurses to incorporate self-care, self-responsibility, spirituality, and reflection in their lives.

This may lead the nurse to greater awareness of the interconnectedness with self, others, and nature. Thus, it will motivate the nurses to provide better quality care to their patients.

NRS 433V Nursing Practice Problems

How nurses can improve their practice.

As human beings, we cannot improve unless we set goals that motivate us to advance. Thus, it is crucial for nursing students and nurses to set goals that push them to improve their lives.

Goals of nursing practice.

Nursing students often need to set professional goals so as to increase their motivation, develop their nursing abilities, and advance their careers.

These are some of the professional goals for aspiring nurses:

  • Advancing their technological skills.
  • Getting certifications.
  • Improving your efficiency.
  • Furthering your communication skills.
  • Find a mentor
  • Getting an advanced degree.
  • Becoming an expert at certain skills.
  • Optimizing your patient care.
  • Specializing in a particular nursing field.


Advancing their technological skills.

As nursing practices increasingly involve advanced technical devices and systems, it is crucial for aspiring nurses to develop their technological skills. Nowadays, many medical facilities use electronic health records that nurses create, access, and update. Additionally, some healthcare facilities also use other technological devices such as patient monitors and telehealth services. Therefore, it is important for nursing students to familiarize themselves with these healthcare technologies.

Getting certifications.

Another way of improving your nursing practice is by getting nursing certifications. You can undertake a short course that will improve your skills in a certain area such as clinical research skills or by taking a certification program that specializes in a certain nursing field.

Improving your efficiency.

By improving your efficiency, you are directly improving your nursing practice. In the nursing field which requires you to shift responsibilities, you can improve your efficiency by gaining the ability to multitask efficiently.

Furthering your communication skills.

Communication is very vital in the healthcare sector. Nurses, patients, physicians and other medical staff rely on communication for delivering efficient care. Thus, honing your communication skills by ensuring that you speak and write clearly will enable you to deliver better nursing care to your clients.

Find a mentor

A nursing mentor can help you define and achieve your professional goals. Thus, finding a nursing mentor who has more professional experience than you may assist you in creating goals that are more realistic and achievable.

Getting an advanced degree.

Getting an advanced degree will increase your nursing knowledge and skills. This will give you the legal ability to perform more patient care responsibilities and raise your earning potential.

Becoming an expert at certain skills.

Mastering a few of your nursing responsibilities will improve your productivity and accuracy at these duties.

Optimizing your patient care.

The main purpose of a nurse is to provide quality care to his/her patients. Thus, you should set professional goals that will help you to optimize your patient care.

Specializing in a particular nursing field.

Once you have considered your personal interests and experiences, you can choose to pursue a nursing specialization. Specializing in a particular area in the field of nursing will enable you to become more productive and efficient. This can also increase your earning potential.

5 Benefits of setting nursing goals.

Setting professional nursing goals has many benefits to a nursing student.

Here are 5 benefits nursing students get from setting professional nursing goals:

  1. It will help you to plan ahead of your career.
  2. Distinguish yourself as a nursing professional.
  3. Improving your quality of care.
  4. Increasing your earning potential.
  5. Motivating yourself to do your best.

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