HLT 205 Week 5 CLC Assignment, Managed Care Presentation (Two Presentations)

HLT 205 Week 5 CLC Assignment, Managed Care Presentation (Two Presentations)

Answer: managed-care-presentation

You will be explaining about managed care in this assignment.

What is Managed Care? Some say: Patient health is being managed
Physician behavior is being managedPatient behavior is being managed health care institutions are being managed

What is Managed Care? All are correct
In managed care, everything is being managed by the managed care organization (MCO)

Managed care in the broadest terms, Kongstvedt (1997) describes managed care as a system of healthcare delivery that tries to manage the cost of healthcare, the quality of that healthcare and access to that care.

 Managed care “managed care” system defines the framework within which a service system’s three principal players (the payer, the service providers, and consumers) interact.A “managed system” is distinguished from an “unmanaged system” by defining these interactions globally rather than in a piecemeal fashion.A managed system is organized to achieve key goals and objectives in a systematic fashion.These goals and objectives typically include cost containment, improved productivity, and better targeting of resources. managed-care-presentation

Characteristics of Managed Care
Managed care is a system that integrates the financing and delivery of appropriate medical care by means of Contracting selected MDs & hospitals to furnish comprehensive care setting a predetermined monthly, premium fee for services, and Incorporating financial incentives to encourage patients to use only resources in the plan. Having physicians assume some financial risk for their work –thus the role changes from advocacy to allocation (gatekeeper), and monitoring health care providers for quality assurance and utilization management.

Question: managed-care-presentation

HLT 205 Week 5 CLC Assignment, Managed Care Presentation (Two Presentations)

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