Lewin’s Change Theory Nursing Essay.


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Introduction to Lewin’s Change Theory in Nursing.

Change refers to when a situation turns out differently after a specific time whether planned or unexpected. In nursing, dealing with change is one of the most challenging difficulties of complex healthcare organizations.

Kurt Lewin, who is considered a pioneer of social psychology, developed the change theory of nursing. In his theory, he theorized a three-stage model of change known as the unfreezing-change-refreeze model that requires previous learning to be excluded and substituted.

Primary concepts in Lewin’s change theory.

There are 3 basic concepts in Lewin’s change theory. These primary concepts include:

  • Driving forces.
  • Restraining forces.
  • Equilibrium.

Driving forces.

Driving forces move in a direction that results in a change. These forces influence transformation by pushing the patient in the preferred direction.

Restraining forces.

Restraining forces refers to forces that counteract the driving forces. These types of forces induce a shift in the equilibrium that is reluctant to change.


Equilibrium is a condition in which the driving forces cancel out with the restraining forces. Hence, resulting in no change.

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Stages of Lewin’s change theory nursing essay.

There are 3 stages in Lewin’s change theory model. These stages are namely:

Stage 1: Unfreezing.

Stage 2: Movement/Change.

Stage 3: Refreeze.

Stage 1: Unfreezing.

Let’s dive deeper into Lewin’s change theory model, the first stage is unfreezing.

In this unfreezing stage of Lewin’s change theory, the nursing student needs to address existing behaviors and why they need to be changed. Hence, you will have to move people from the status quo to your desired future state.

The unfreezing stage is the most difficult of all 3 stages of Lewin’s change theory model. This is because it involves changing things people are doing and they may not want to change or comprehend why it is necessary.

During this unfreezing stage, the individual has to perform several activities.

Activities carried out in stage 1: unfreezing stage of Lewin’s Change model.

  • Determine the need for change.
  • Gather support from the leaders.
  • Create a change strategy and a communication plan and,
  • Handle employee resistance and reservations.


Stage 2: Movement/Change.

Movement is the second stage in Lewin’s change theory model.

During this stage, everyone should be aware of the changes to happen and why it is necessary. Additionally, this is where you implement the strategy and plans you devised in the first stage.

Activities that happen in stage 2: change of Lewin’s change theory.

  • Communicate consistently.
  • Quickly address any misinformation.
  • Motivate and inform leadership.
  • Engage employees in the change plan.

Lewin's Change Theory Nursing Essay.

Stage 3: Refreeze.

In order to ensure that your employees don’t go back to the ‘old way’ of doing things, it is crucial to reinforce the new behaviors. This is done in the third stage of Lewin’s change theory in nursing.

Activities carried out in stage 3: Refreeze of Lewin’s change theory.

  • Provide training and support.
  • Promote ways to sustain the change
  • Celebrate success.

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