DNP-836A: Facilitation of Learning in Nursing Education.


DNP-836A: Facilitation of learning in nursing education course explores the role of the nurse educator in higher education settings with specific emphasis on effective methods of facilitating learning and fostering critical thinking skills in diverse student populations. In this course, students get introduced to instructional strategies and methods grounded in evidence-based practice and learning theory and engage in the selection of appropriate strategies to facilitate learning. Learners also consider the effective integration of technology and simulation into teaching practice. Learners are expected to integrate the educational leadership competencies through the completion of education practicum hours during this course.

DNP-836A: Facilitation of Learning in Nursing Education

Some of the registered nurses who have completed their educational requirements are prepared to take on the challenges of the classroom in order to become effective academic nurse educators. This process involves adapting their clinical experiences and advanced education into academic instruction.

Development of competencies that facilitate learning in nursing education.

Some organizations that include the National League of nursing have designed primary competencies for nurse educators and nurse education programs. These competencies offer a framework and instructions for preparing new nurses for their roles.

Nurse educators are described as teachers, scholars, and collaborators. These are the functions of these roles:


As teachers, nurse educators should utilize the appropriate theoretical frameworks to help student nurses develop skills that can be used in wide-ranging care. The competencies are learned through education and experience.


As scholars, nurse educators are accountable for the scholarship of teaching, discovery, application, and integration. Moreover, they design, collaborate, and use research in the classroom.


As collaborators, nurse educators work with peers, students, administrators, and communities. They utilize their problem-solving and decision-making skills to interact with diverse groups.


Guide to Writing Perfect Nursing Research Paper on Healthcare Research Methods.

What are the core competencies for all healthcare providers for consistent care?

There are five core competencies to ensuring the provision of consistent and effective care by health care experts. These core competencies include:

  1. Deliver patient-centered care
  2. Work in interdisciplinary teams
  3. Utilize evidence-based practices
  4. Identify and apply quality improvements
  5. Utilize informatics

What are the core competencies for nurse educators that facilitate the learning of nursing education?

The following are the core competencies that help nurse educators provide better education to the new nurses:

  1. Facilitate learning
  2. Assist students to develop as nurses
  3. Utilize known strategies to evaluate and assess student learning in the classroom, clinical and laboratory settings
  4. Create curricula and formulate program outcomes
  5. Operate as change agents and leaders
  6. Commit to lifelong learning in the nurse educator role
  7. Involve in scholarship that advances the practice of nursing
  8. Comprehend and function within the educational environment.

Facilitators of learning in nursing education.

  • Clinical educators support student learning. Nevertheless, their actions or inactions are powerful influences on student learning.
  • Nursing students see the facilitators’ availability, approachability, and feedback as core qualities that influence learning.
  • Relational interdependence between the university and clinical venue, the facilitator and student, influences availability and feedback.
  • Approachability depends on the interpersonal relationship between facilitator and student, and influences availability, and feedback.

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