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Do you ask yourself why societies and people living in our communities have many differences? Do you wonder how interactions with other people can shape our different existences? The urge to understand our society is strong and crucial, for if we do not understand our social world, we are most likely to be overwhelmed by it. Thus, in order to comprehend these social processes so we can be able to influence them, we have to learn sociology. Sociology helps us to understand ourselves better by examining how the social world influences the way we think, feel and act. Therefore, it is important for nursing students to learn an introduction to sociology course to help them with decision-making through the nursing process.

What is sociology?

Sociology is an academic discipline that comes under the field of social sciences. Sociology is defined as a scientific study of society, its individuals, institutions, organization, structure, compositions, and functions. Its purpose is to understand society as a whole and try to find out the variations that happened to its structure.

A sociology assignment is a duty to find out the answer to unknown questions in society. Thus, by finding answers to these unknown questions in society we can better understand, analyze as well compare, and contrast the past, present as well as future. In short, a sociology assignment helps the readers to understand society and its institutions.

When writing an introduction to sociology assignment, you need to write and find leads to answer the research questions. This means that you must work on every dimension of the assignment. While working on your sociology assignment, you answer the research question, which refers to assignment assertion.

One thing you should keep in mind is that your introduction to sociology assignment is open for critical evaluation. Thus, your assignment can be criticized or further studied by others. An introduction to sociology assignment is often based on observable experiences and empirical evidence. Therefore, it is a systematic investigation of phenomena that aims at describing, interpreting, and explaining the phenomena

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Importance of sociology to nursing.

Sociology as a social science plays an essential role in the field of health sciences such as medicine and nursing.

The following are the various reasons why sociology is important for nurses:

  • Sociology helps nurses to understand the forces and pressures which affect their patients adversely.
  • It helps nurses to understand the behavior, conflicts, interpersonal relationships, groups, hierarchy, and adaptations of different people working in hospitals and other healthcare settings.
  • With the help of sociology, nurses and other medical staff can get information about the socio-cultural life of the patient.
  • Sociology as a discipline teaches skills to the nurses that help them to better understand the structure of family, community, and society.
  • It helps nurses to understand the characteristics of social relationships, their complexities, and their impact on healthcare.
  • Sociology helps the nurses to understand and to eradicate social problems within the healthcare settings.

How sociology as a discipline is applied in the nursing care process.

Nurses and other medical staff in health care settings interact with people from different backgrounds every day. These interactions demand the nurses to be well-versed in the discipline of sociology. This is because sociology helps nurses to better understand family, communities, and society thereby enabling the nurse to get information about the socio-cultural life of the patient easily. Additionally, nurses will understand the relationship between the disease and the social condition. In short, nurses who have studied introduction to sociology will better understand the social environment for developing the patient’s health conditions.

For example, a patient with a physical handicap should be understood in the context of his social milieu.


What do sociologists study?

Sociologists study all things human: from the interactions between two people to the complex relationships between nations or multinational corporations.

Thus, being aware of the social processes that influence the way humans think, feel, and behave plus having the resolve to act can help individuals to shape the social forces they face.


What you need to know before writing your sociology assignment.

You need to have these 3 crucial prerequisites checked before writing your sociology assignment:

  1. Understand the topic.
  2. Review of the literature.
  3. Note down key points.

Understand the topic.

First of all, before you start to write a draft for your sociology assignment, you must make sure that you have read the sociology assignment question and understood what is required.

Reading and understanding the sociology assignment is a crucial step because it enables you to tackle the question well. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a particular issue to review when choosing a topic to write about. This makes it easy for you to write your sociology assignments because you have chosen a topic that resonates with you. Additionally, writing about a topic that genuinely interests you helps to express your thoughts clearly in writing to your readers making it less boring to do the hectic research work required.

Apart from reading and understanding the question of the sociology assignment, another essential step to writing a successful sociology assignment is choosing a single topic and narrowing it down to a particular and more understandable topic. Thus, it is important for the nursing student to choose which general area of interest he/she would like to inquire more about and choose to write about it.

Review of the literature.

The next step after formulating a topic to write about is writing a summary.

It is recommended that you have at least some idea of the broad subject area and the topic you wish to investigate as this will help you to search effectively for the literature in your field of investigation. Although reviewing the literature can be time-consuming, it provides essential information and helps you to set parameters for your search. Additionally, reviewing the literature helps you to cement the theoretical roots of your study while still clarifying your methodology.

In short, this step of reviewing the literature helps to combine your knowledge and to investigate your findings with the available knowledge base.

Note down key points.

The most efficient way of writing a summary of the literature is by summarizing the text into a paragraph of one or two sentences.

Afterward, use this summary as the root(argument). You will need to describe the most components of the argument. This is done by stating only valid and important points. You have to ensure that you include crucial details while still avoiding including unnecessary or filler points.

In short, to make a good list of your key points. You have to:

  • Create a brief summary of your literature.
  • Write valid and important points which support your argument.


introduction to sociology assignment

10 Tips and Tricks on how to choose a good topic for your introduction to sociology research paper.

You already know a problem that you want to solve, then what you need is a sociology topic that clearly outlines the problem that you want to solve.

These 10 tips will help you to choose a good sociology topic for your sociology assignment paper:

  1. Brainstorm good ideas that you want to base your research on.
  2. After you have a list of ideas, choose the one that inspires you. (you feel it will be interesting to study).
  3. Create a list of relevant keywords that relate to your idea.
  4. Address relevant social issues.
  5. Think about which relevant sources you will use to research your thesis.
  6. Narrow your topic down. Be precise as to which problem you want to solve.
  7. Identify a sociology research methodology that you will use for your sociology assignment.
  8. Compose your bibliography in advance as you encounter each useful source.
  9. Always use topic headings that are related to your thesis statement.
  10. Provide counter-arguments.

Research methods of sociology to use in your introduction to sociology assignment.

It is recommended to follow one of the 7 research methods of sociology although you might choose your methodology based on your course specifics.

These methods include:

  • A purpose statement.
  • Structure.
  • Composition.
  • Research methods.

You should consider following one of these seven sociology research methods:

  1. Implementation of social surveys.
  2. Identification of the connections.
  3. Interviews.
  4. Observation and participation.
  5. Ethnography.
  6. Longitudinal studies.
  7. Focus on secondary data sources.


Implementation of social surveys.

This method involves adding data from large social groups.

Identification of the connections.

This methodology of sociology involves studying causes and effects related to a certain problem.


Interviews involve collecting information from actual people thus making your research more reliable.

Observation and participation.

This type of methodology involves collecting statistics from a group being studied.


Ethnography is a qualitative methodology that concentrates on social interactions, beliefs, perceptions, vision, and behavioral patterns.

Longitudinal studies.

Longitudinal studies usually take time as it concentrates on prolonged studies that help to determine the scope of the problem.

Focus on secondary data sources.

This involves focusing on using the information that has already been collected by other researchers.


How to structure your introduction to sociology assignment.

It is a common behavior with human beings to tend to like things that are designed in a pattern like an appearance. Often, our eyes are drawn to things that appear to be structured/designed. Therefore, it is important for nursing students to consider creating a good structure when writing their introduction to sociology assignment.

In order to write a successful introduction to a sociology assignment, the structure should be well-written. Therefore, the nursing student has to first draw an outline of the assignment before beginning to write it. Drawing the outline for the assignment involves writing a section under the topic and what you will write in those sections. You must choose your headings carefully to ensure that they will cover what you want to write about.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you should be brief and clear.

The structure of the introduction to sociology assignment is almost similar to the structure of other nursing papers.

Your assignment structure should have:

  • An introduction.
  • Body.
  • Discussion and
  • Conclusion.


When writing your introduction to sociology assignment, you should ensure that you include a clear statement of the topic of the assignment and explanations of the methodology you chose to use when writing your assignment.

Most importantly, you should include the scope of the study and the limitations involved when doing this study in this section of your assignment.


When writing the body of your sociology assignment, ensure that you write it in a logical sequence and divide it into identifiable sections. This can easily be done with brief and precise paragraphs which capture all important details.


This section of your sociology assignment is very important because this is where you present your arguments for your assignment.

In this section, it is crucial to provide a theory that supports your findings. You can further support your theory using empirical data and findings.


Like other academic papers, you finish writing your sociology assignment by writing the conclusion.

In this section of your sociology assignment, provide the results of your study briefly and clearly. You may add simple explanations to your findings or include recommendations for further research.

Most importantly, provide an appendix and bibliographies ( i.e books, journals, texts used in study) at the end.

How to format your introduction to sociology assignment.

After you have written your sociology assignment according to the structure given above, the next step involves formatting your sociology assignment.

Use these 4 tips to make your formatting tick:

1.   Headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, and flow.

When formatting your introduction to sociology assignment, make sure that all your headings/topics are well-written. Headings and sub-headings for each section should be brief and precise i.e they should contain 3-4 words and should summarize what you want to talk about in that section. Additionally, you should also ensure that each section flows naturally to the next section so as to maintain continuity in your sociology assignment. This will help to make your writing sound more natural and less robotic.

2.   Provide clear examples.

While formatting your sociology assignment, it is recommended that you include examples in your writing. Clear examples are useful to your readers as they help them understand what you are trying to say in your sociology assignment.

3.   Referencing and writing style (adhere to instructions given by your instructor).

It is also important to include sources that you have used in your research when writing your sociology assignment. When referencing, ensure that you maintain consistency on the style you choose to use. This will help to make you comfortable as soon as possible when writing other academic papers.

4.   Correct grammatical errors if any and check plagiarism.

Formatting your sociology assignment should also include proofreading and editing. You should ensure that your sociology assignment is error-free. Correct any grammatical errors, or typing errors that you find in your work. It is also recommended that you run your work in plagiarism checker software to ensure that your assignment is plagiarism-free.

Most importantly, you should read and understand the instructions given by your lecturer. You should ensure that you use the writing style given in the instructions.

#BONUS TIP# If no instructions are given, use a writing style you are comfortable with.


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