Innovation in Redeployment

Innovation in Redeployment
  • Research the APUS library for articles describing a redeployment effort. It can be any reverse logistic topic affecting military operations. For ideas, and for possible reference material, use the articles listed in the Individual Assignment Resources. Be sure to back any assertions and/or personal opinions with authority (library articles, for example). Develop the paper in conformance with APA criteria. The length should be two pages, excluding the title page and reference page. Use at least three library articles (articles from class count toward the three library article requirement).

Individual Assignment Resources:

Kindberg, S. B., & Gallo, A. L. (2006). Innovation in redeployment: The 1st infantry division returns from Iraq. Army Logistician, 38(3), 30.

Rutner, S. M., Aviles, M., & Scott, C. (2012). Logistics evolution: A comparison of military and commercial logistics thought. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 23(1), 96-118. doi

Additional Sources You May Use:

Joint Pub 1-02. (1994). Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
(p. 43)
Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication, Volume 4, Logistics. (1997). United States Marine Corps
(pp. 100-130)
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Army Logistician, 39(4).
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Military Logistics in Afghanistan. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 43(2), 116-133.
Bilmes, L. J. (2014). The financial legacy of Afghanistan and Iraq: How wartime spending
decisions will constrain future U.S. national security budgets.
The Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 9(1). Retrieved from”
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Fiscal Year 2006 Defense Budget.
Hanifan, J. J. (2014). R4D: Uniting the Logistics Enterprise in Afghanistan. Army Sustainment, 46(5), 36-37.


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