HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario

HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario


Hospital Application Scenario is software that can be used in hospital administration to facilitate the following processes: Admission, admit discharge and transfer, liability for treatment, insurance billing, drug inventory listing and tracking, patient location, and tracking.

Many hospitals and medical facilities are under a lot of pressure to do more with less. Physicians’ decisions about the care of their patients, especially in emergency situations, can involve many variables. The goal is to provide optimal patient care, which may be as simple as setting up a schedule of monitoring vital signs every few hours to make sure they are within the therapeutic range. A variety of health care professionals have access to this patient information such as nurses, physicians, and even others in the emergency department or operating room. When these professionals decide on certain interventions and treatments based on this information from various sources including cardiorespiratory monitors, anesthesiologists, intensive-care unit (ICU) monitor displays, blood gas analyzers, and a host of other biomedical devices, and equipment. Nurses who use these devices daily often have the best sense of how they are used and what technologies could be adopted to improve healthcare quality. The scenarios included in nursing assignments help can help hospitals find ways to provide better services while achieving goals such as reducing health care costs.

This article will provide you with an understanding of the purpose, significance, and application of the Nursing Application Scenario.

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HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario

The hospital nurse has the responsibility for assessing the patient’s needs and making a plan that ensures the best outcome based on the knowledge and skills of the nurse. This includes the psychosocial requirements needed for comorbidities. The nursing process generates a structure to organize interventions, assess results, and make changes as appropriate. Nurses report to a licensed RN (Registered Nurse) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario

Nurse Jane Doe is a nurse in a metropolitan hospital that has its own outpatient health facility. The hospital and the clinic are continually being understaffed by personnel. Ms.Doe is given additional responsibilities for unit staff organization, scheduling, and evaluation of staff performance including absenteeism on both the unit and clinic sides of the organization. She has to prepare the annual budget for both units, which involves collaborating with administrators.

The realm of nursing has gone through several changes and shifts in methods. The reform movement of the 1970s, for instance, advocated that nurses should not subordinate themselves to physicians when making medical judgments. This followed several court cases in which nurses were reprimanded for acting as physicians. The reform also called for an increased role for patients in treatment and more community-based nursing care rather than hospital bed care. The present momentum toward a broader scope of practice advocates collaboratively planning patient-centered care with multi-disciplinary healthcare teams. HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario

Each patient had many problems to deal with at once. In a sense, the nursing staff had to deal with these problems one by one: prioritizing care and addressing the most serious issues for each patient. This nurse-directed system of care is sometimes referred to as the housekeeping services method. The idea behind this method was that nurses should attend to urgent matters first and then work down their lists until everything was completed. However,



HCA 240 Assignment 2, Hospital Application Scenario

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