HCA 360 Week 1 Assignment, Health IS- IT Components

HCA 360 Week 1 Assignment, Health IS- IT Components


If I was a healthcare administrator, I would want to oversee a home health or hospice company. The roles I would be taking over is guiding staff to ensure they have the proper tools for quality care. Hospice and home health is a crucial part of most people’s lives when it comes to the end of life. Today there are people in hospice that are not compassionate and do not care about the people they are working for. I would ensure that my staff has compassion and cares about what they are doing for their patients. All clinical staff would be trained and have the capacity to access user friendly programs. Integrating the health IS/IT into a larger HMIS is crucial. Having the capacity to trial-and-error multiple systems are important because the administrators need to find what is best for the staff by creating an effective and efficient work environment.

As an administrator, I would need to test and observe tutorials on multiple systems when selecting an HMIS for my organization so that I could choose what is best for my team. When making a decision solely on pricing, an administrator may end up selecting the incorrect package. The cheapest choice is not necessarily the greatest option because it was most likely not well thought through. The ideal choice would be if I could create and deploy my own program. That would allow me to implement the curriculum in the most effective method for my team.

There would be fewer medical mistakes if all institutions were able to include this into their HMIS. It may be tempting for personnel to just sign off that they have performed all chores and have the patient sign, but this does not always work. As an administrator, this would be a critical function that I would carry out alongside my team…

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HCA 360 Week 1 Assignment, Health IS- IT Components


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