NRS-434VN: Health Assessment Assignment Help.

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What is a Health assessment?

A health assessment is a plan of care that recognizes the exact needs of an individual and how those needs will be addressed by the healthcare system or skilled nursing facility. In other words, the assessment contains gathering information that gets to know the patient in detail, assesses their dangers and the nature of complications to be identified.

NRS-434VN: Health Assessment Assignment Help

Therefore, assessment should integrate all relevant issues. Moreover, it should explore the medical, physiological, social, and psychological functions of the older person. One benefit of the health assessment process is that it encourages us to be inquiring and to consider the best likely interventions that we can use to reduce the risks and improve our patient’s quality of life.

Types of health assessments.

Health assessments vary depending on your particular needs. The assessment performed by a health care provider may include:

1.       Brief health assessment.

This is a simple health assessment that is typically concluded in half an hour or less.

2.       Standard health assessment.

The standard assessment is a 45-minute session. It is mostly used when you need more than a brief assessment, but you do not have any complex health problems that warrant a longer assessment.

3.       Long health assessment.

A long health assessment is generally completed in an hour. Your health care practitioner can order a long health assessment if you present complex health problems.

4.       Prolonged health assessment.

This is a complex assessment that is finished when you need a preventative healthcare plan. It typically exceeds 60 minutes in duration. However, your healthcare provider can advise you how long to set aside for this consultation based on the tests you require.

What is done during a health assessment?

 Updating of medical history.

Your health care provider will update your medical history and ask about any new health problems you may be facing.

Taking measurements.

You will be weighed and measured. Afterward, your file will be updated with this information. In addition, your blood pressure and heart rate can be documented for your file and compared to previous measurements.


Your medical practitioner will inquire you about any medicine you are taking, and find out if you have been taking it as prescribed.

Health education

Health education is included in your assessment. This involves your practitioner giving you feedback about your diet, weight and activity levels, highlighting areas for improvement.

Benefits of health assessment.

  • It helps us to treat the condition that caused the admission.
  • It helps us to notice and measure extra conditions or psychosocial problems that contribute to or complicate the admission and respond to them as able both during the admission and when planning for discharge.
  • Enables the use of strategies to avert conditions that often develop during hospital stays but can be dodged.
  • Helps to establish a database for the client’s normal abilities risk factors and any current alterations in function.
  • Useful in planning strategies to encourage the continuation of healthy patterns, prevent potential health difficulties and improve or manage existing health problems.
  • It helps to gather information regarding the patient’s health.
  • Helps to determine a patient’s normal function.
  • To organize the collected information.
  • Helps to identify the health issues affecting a patient and the patient’s strengths.
  • It can be used to identify the need for health teaching and to provide a holistic view of the patients.
  • The assessment helps to formulate a conclusion or a problem statement such as a nursing diagnosis.
  • It helps to collect data pertinent to the client’s health status.
  • Helps to identify deviations from normal and to point out actual problems.
  • It can be used to build rapport with patients and families.

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