HCA 675 Week 5 Assignment, Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry Versus Health Care Industry solved.

HCA 675 Week 5 Assignment, Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry Versus Health Care Industry

Answer: Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry Versus Health Care Industry

In health care, adopting transformational performance improvement approaches and techniques translates into better patient outcomes and patient experience and better, more efficient operations.

In addition to focusing on the patient-centered dimension of care, quality improvement efforts also focus on safety, effectiveness, efficiency, and timeliness.

With consideration of the fact that the costs in the health care segment are considered to be rising, it is worth noting that a number of approaches and recommendations have been proposed to enhance and improve the effectiveness of the sphere of medicine. One of such recommendations involves the implementation of lean production. The philosophy and ideas that are represented in lean production derive from the industry of manufacturing.

Toyota Motors Corporation was the first company that applied this method. The implementation of lean production has already shown beneficial results in the service sector and manufacturing. As a matter of fact, at first, it seems that the principles that are implemented in the working process in manufacturing have no relation to the health care industry; however, it is not so. The primary purpose of this paper is to outline and analyze principles that work in the industry and will complement the health care segment.

The production system that was developed and created by Toyota is functioning in a number of industries and is successfully implemented by many companies worldwide (Osono, Shimizu, & Takeuchi, 2008). The reason for the popularity of the system is that it helps to make the process more productive and significantly reduces costs and expenses in order for the customers to purchase products spending less money. Although the production system was developed by Toyota to satisfy the needs of the manufacturing process, it should be noted that key principles could be implemented in a variety of enterprises. The fundamental aspects include the following ones, namely:

  1. Elimination of wastes;
  2. Valuing the working staff;
  3. Continuous improvement (Edward Deming’s 14 Principles: Business Quality Improvement, 2006).

The stated above principles can be applied to the medical sphere. Mark Graban highlights the fundamental issues and matters of concern:

One thing that hospitals need to keep in mind regarding lean processes is that it is an approach to management, a philosophy for improving and leading organizations. Hospital leaders and clinicians will have concerns about how it transfers to health care, but the key management practices are very transferable (Hutt, 2010, 33).

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HCA 675 Week 5 Assignment, Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry Versus Health Care Industry

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