HCA 455 Topic 7 Assignment Home Care Application – Conflict Management and Decision Making

HCA 455 Topic 7 Assignment Home Care Application – Conflict Management and Decision Making


HCA 455 Topic 7 Assignment Home Care Application – Conflict Management and Decision Making

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What is the role of effective conflict management in home health care?

Home health care is a very important facet of healthcare that involves the provision of in-home medical services to individuals who require assistance to carry out their activities of daily living. As such, home health care is provided to patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other long-term conditions, as well as those with disabilities and the elderly. The delivery of home health care services involves a team composed of skilled nurses, therapists and doctors. These groups must work together to provide quality care to patients. In order for this to happen, conflicts must be resolved and decisions made efficiently. This essay seeks to explain what the role of effective conflict management is in home health care by identifying key issues and providing recommendations on how they can be addressed.

Key issues

Conflicts are bound to arise within a group setting regardless of its purpose. Conflicts can be categorized into three main types: interpersonal conflicts, organizational conflicts and task conflicts. Interpersonal conflicts arise when individuals disagree on personal matters (Aguinis & Henle, 2016). Organizational conflicts occur when individuals or groups have different goals (Aguinis & Henle, 2016). Task conflicts arise when there is disagreement regarding how tasks

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HCA 455 Topic 7 Assignment Home Care Application – Conflict Management and Decision Making

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