HCA 455 Topic 3 Assignment, Interview a Health Care Organization Leader

HCA 455 Topic 3 Assignment, Interview a Health Care Organization Leader


Interview a Health Care Organization Leader

Complete the “Interview a Health Care Organization Leader” assignment to prepare for your participation in this discussion.

This assignment will give you the opportunity to interview a health care organization leader of your choice. You can choose any type of facility, such as a hospital, long-term care, home health, or ambulatory care center. The interview will be based on their decision-making process in implementing change and the organizational structure that they work within.

You will prepare a 1,000-1,250-word paper based on your interview with this leader. Your paper should include the following:

A brief summary of what was discussed during the interview–what is the organization’s structure?

How does this leader feel about the structure? Is it helpful or hindering to their ability to lead?

What is their opinion of the process in which decisions are made? What are some examples of where they have seen successes and failures with decision making in their organization?

What are some examples of how they have implemented change in their organization? How did they deal with resistance to change that was encountered during these changes?

How would they rate their organization’s ethical commitment to stakeholders? Why did they rate it as such?

Interviews are an incredibly useful tool in qualitative research. A well-conducted interview can provide detailed, in-depth data about the opinions, behaviors, and experiences of the people and organizations being studied. Interviews also allow researchers to explore and gain a deeper understanding of issues that may be initially unclear or that may require clarification through follow-up questions.


There are two main types of interviews: structured and unstructured (or informal). Structured interviews use a predetermined set of questions, with little room for flexibility; unstructured interviews are more open-ended and flexible, allowing for the directions of the conversation to be shaped by the participants.


In this assignment, you will prepare to interview a health care organization leader as part of your research on an important topic in health care administration. You will design an interview protocol using theoretical frameworks to guide your questions and data collection plans.

Health care administrators provide support and leadership in the health care industry. The duties include planning and coordinating the delivery of health care services, managing personnel, conducting research, and collaborating with other leaders.

Interview a health care organization leader regarding the following:

1. The role of the administrator

2. Challenges facing today’s administrators

3. How the administrator manages these challenges

4. Future developments in health care management

A critical aspect of managing a health care organization is understanding the business of health care. This course will focus on how to apply business management and financial concepts to guide strategic decision making in health care organizations. Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the financial impact of decisions made by health care organizations and to effectively communicate with stakeholders within and outside of the organization.


HCA 455 Topic 3 Assignment, Interview a Health Care Organization Leader

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