HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology

HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology


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HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology

Healthcare organizations are constantly confronted with changes in technology. As a result, healthcare facilities must be prepared to implement new technology as part of the organization’s overall strategy to improve performance and quality of care.


Read the “New Innovations in HIMS Technology” article located here.

Write a 1-2 page paper on innovations in health information management systems (HIMS). Include the following:

Examples of current technologies that can be used to improve patient care outcomes and reduce costs at healthcare facilities.

Ways that these technologies can be integrated into existing health information systems.

HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology

# HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology

The development of new HMIS systems has been a recurring subject of technology-related papers, and many students have been tasked with writing their own papers on this topic.

For example, in HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology, students are asked to write a paper that discusses the innovations in HMIS technology that have occurred since the passage of the HITECH Act.

To complete this assignment, your paper will need to discuss the following:

• The impact of the HITECH Act on HMIS technology.• How a typical HMIS system works and where it is used (for example, in clinics or hospitals).• Specific innovations in HMIS technology (there are several different examples you can use).• The impact that these new innovations could have on healthcare systems and how they will affect the future of healthcare delivery.You can also include details about how you feel about these innovations and whether you think they will be successful or not.

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As the nation’s population ages, it’s becoming more important than ever that healthcare organizations have the right tools to keep their patients safe and healthy. And now, more than ever, healthcare organizations are investing in health management IT solutions.

One such solution is electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs allow doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to store patient information in an electronic format. This makes it easier for healthcare professionals to share information with each other and with patients. In addition to making patient care easier, EMRs also save time for healthcare workers, which means they can spend more time providing direct patient care.

But EMRs aren’t the only IT solutions that are allowing healthcare organizations to improve patient care. The use of robotics is another area where hospitals are making investments in technology. Robotic surgery was first introduced in 1985, but has been slow to gain popularity due to concerns about safety and cost. However, as technology has improved and robotic surgery has become more common, its use is becoming more widespread.

Robotics can be used in a variety of ways in the healthcare industry. One example is robotic surgery, which allows surgeons to perform surgeries that would otherwise be too dangerous or difficult for them to perform without assistance


HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment Innovations in HMIS Technology

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