HCA 240 Assignment, Capital Purchase Justification

HCA 240 Assignment, Capital Purchase Justification

Answer: HCA 240 Assignment, Capital Purchase Justification

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You have been asked to submit a Capital Purchase Justification (CPJ) form at the end of your tour of duty. A CPJ is an evaluation of equipment that the armed forces have acquired; carrying out these evaluations requires detailed knowledge of the equipment, military operations and theories associated with acquiring military equipment. Support your conclusions with relevant supporting documentation.

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Your nursing assignment help and discussion questions are supposed to convince purchasing department heads the need for spending upfront money on the special equipment you recommend. The process is not supposed to be simple, yet even when done correctly, transferring this writing into convincing words is extremely difficult for most of students.

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My fieldwork was conducted at the local hospital on 12/09 in the afternoon. I was able to interview three patients and one doctor at the outpatient clinic and two patients who had stayed overnight and saw a nurse. I also interviewed one employee working in admissions during daytime hours. I observed three nurses during patient care activities in four different wards during morning, evening and night shifts.


HCA 240 Assignment, Capital Purchase Justification

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