HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario

HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario


In the HCA 240 assignment 2 hospital application scenario, you are applying for a position at a local hospital. You have been asked to write a letter of interest to the hiring manager, Mr. Smith.

In this letter of interest, you should include:

-A brief introduction of yourself and your background

-The reason why you are interested in working at that particular hospital

-What type of positions you would like to apply for (if they are hiring)

-A closing statement that expresses your desire to be considered for the position

The assignment was to write a hospital application scenario.

The scenario is:

You are a nurse at a hospital in [city], and you have been asked to write an application letter for [position].

You have written the following:

Dear [person who asked you to write this letter],

I am writing to apply for the position of [position] at [hospital name]. My experience as a registered nurse, combined with my passion for patient care, makes me an excellent fit for this role. In addition to being very qualified in terms of education and experience, I am also excited about the opportunity to work at a hospital that is dedicated to providing its patients with exceptional care at all times. As someone who has spent years caring for patients and their families, I understand how important it is that they feel comfortable with me and confident in my abilities. I know that if given this opportunity, I would do everything I could to make sure each patient received the best possible care.

The Hospital Application Scenario

The hospital is a place for healing, learning, and caring. The staff of the hospital provides care to patients who visit the hospital. In the past few years, the number of people visiting hospitals has increased significantly. Many people are now seeking treatment at hospitals because they have become more aware of how important it is to get medical attention when you need it. Doctors and nurses work together to provide patients with quality health care services in different areas such as surgery, pediatrics, medicine, psychiatry and many others. In addition, there are many other support staff members working at hospitals including maintenance workers and security guards who help keep things running smoothly so that doctors and nurses can focus on providing quality care to their patients.

The following is a scenario describing the situation of a patient who has an ear infection and a high fever. The nurse needs to assess the patient and provide care based on their findings. In this assignment, you will be asked to complete the nursing process and provide appropriate interventions.

The patient is a child with an ear infection. The child is crying and has been crying for 2 days. The parents are concerned about the lack of response from the doctor and believe that they have been misdiagnosed with an ear infection when it may actually be something more serious like meningitis. The parent’s concern for their child is evident through their strong tone and mannerisms. They are also very frustrated with the hospital staff because they feel like they have not received adequate care for their child.

The nurse enters into the room with a smile on her face, trying to make sure that she does not show any signs of negativity or worry before speaking with the parents first. She begins by introducing herself as “Nurse [name]” and asks if they can talk while she takes some vital signs so that she can assess how well their child is doing overall at this point in time (e., vital signs = temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate). The parent

The application scenario that I will use is a hospital setting.

The first thing I will do is research the hospital to find out what they do and how they do it. I will talk with people who work at the hospital to see if there are any major problems or concerns that they have not been able to fix, such as budgeting issues or staffing issues.

I will look at their website and see how they advertise their services, what services they offer and whether or not there are any new additions to the facility that need to be advertised.

I will also look at other websites that offer similar services in the area, such as urgent care facilities or imaging centers; these may present some ideas on how my company can differentiate itself from its competitors.

I will also talk with employees about what makes them stay at this particular job for so many years and why they feel like it is one of the best jobs in town.”

In order to apply for a position at the hospital, I will need to complete the following application:

1. Fill out the form with my name, address, and phone number.

2. Answer all of the questions in this application honestly and completely.

3. Submit my application by emailing it to [email protected]

Patient Name:

Mr. Justin Smith

Age: 29

Birth Date: June 17, 1990

Medical History: Mr. Smith has been in good health prior to being admitted to the hospital. He was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD), but it has not affected his daily life. He does not experience any shortness of breath, fatigue or dizziness and does not require any medication for CHD symptoms. However, he does experience periodic palpitations that are not related to exercise or stressful situations. Mr. Smith had his first episode of palpitations during a high school soccer game at age 16, but they have since become more frequent and last longer than they did in high school. He reports feeling chest pressure that increases over time and radiates up his neck and down his arms when he experiences these episodes; however, they do not bother him enough to seek medical attention or take any type of medication for them.

Family History: Mr. Smith’s mother also has CHD; however, it is milder than Mr. Smith’s condition since she does not experience palpitations like he does because hers is an atrial septal defect (ASD). His father does not have any form of CHD but does have high cholesterol


HCA 240 Assignment 2 Hospital Application Scenario

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