How To Write an Exemplification Essay in Nursing.


It’s never simple to prove your thesis, but if you employ the exemplification essay, you’ll be able to accomplish it. But, before we begin, let’s take a step back and discuss an exemplification essay. And how to craft the ideal one for your project.


What is an Exemplification Essay?

Essay writing is an important academic practice for students who want to improve their critical thinking, organizational, analytical, and reflective abilities. When writing an exemplification essay, students focus on taking a position on a subject and defending it using reasons. In contrast to a traditional argumentative essay, an exemplification essay challenges students to utilize examples to support their points of view. As a result of this, examples are key aspects in this sort of essay. As a result, students must learn how to write an exemplification in order to correctly develop their arguments.

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Guidelines of Writing an Exemplification Essay.

1)      Defining Features of an Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay, like any other paper, has characteristics that characterize it and set it apart from other sorts of essays and academic materials.

The following are the various features of an exemplification essay:

  1. A generalized theme – This enables the writers and readers to establish a broad viewpoint.
  2. Present examples to support their views. Most importantly, you should focus on developing a topic through ideas, statements, and arguments while offering these examples.
  3. You should arrange examples rationally and include necessary facts.
  4. Ensure that you use relevant examples and sources. This will help you to achieve your aim of convincing the audience.

2)      How to Identify an Exemplification Essay

In general, the distinguishing elements of an exemplification essay discussed in the above section distinguish exemplification essays from other essays. As a result, one might claim that students are writing an exemplification essay if they are pushing their viewpoint on a topic and utilizing examples to persuade the audience to evaluate a problem in the way that they (writers) see it. In other words, the purpose of the essay is to introduce readers to the writer’s ideas on a particular issue through the use of examples.

how to write exemplification essay in nursing

3)      How Does an Exemplification Essay Differ From Other Papers.

Even though an exemplification essay is identical to other papers in terms of essay format and plan, it differs from most essays in terms of content. The content of an exemplification essay comprises of the author’s arguments and examples used to further their points of view. It must also include counterarguments and rebuttals since it is a kind of argumentative essay.

Examples of Nursing Topics to Write in an Exemplification Essay.

The following is a list of nursing topics you can write about in your exemplification essays:

  • Domestic violence
  • The consequences of pollution
  • Is it time to legalize drugs?
  • Should school cafeterias solely provide Halal meat?
  • Growing up as a single parent’s child
  • Is it true that gender-specific courses promote more efficient learning?
  • Do politicians make false promises in order to improve their vote count?
  • Is social media having an impact on children? Are college degrees still important today?
  • What is the impact of Amazon on small businesses?
  • Is it moral to administer antidepressants to animals?
  • Do payday loans have a positive impact on the local economy?
  • Should the United Kingdom continue to supply weaponry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
  • What are the health risks of plastic bottles?
  • What is the impact of modern-day capitalism on working-class wages?

General Outline of an Exemplification Essay in Nursing.

Your exemplification essay should include the following components, according to the 5 paragraph format:

  • The introductory paragraph
  • The body paragraph #1
  • The body paragraph #2
  • The body paragraph #3
  • The concluding paragraph

Guide to Writing Good Structure of an Exemplification Essay in Nursing.

Paragraph 1: Introductory Paragraph

The first section of an exemplification essay is the introduction paragraph. In this section, you must provide an introduction to your audience regarding what they will learn throughout the article.

Begin with a hook sentence that captures the reader’s attention. It might be in the form of a quotation, a witty comment, or a fact. The opening section establishes the context for your discussion of the issue. Also, explain why you choose that specific issue to be covered in depth later in the material.

The first paragraph concludes with a forceful and debatable thesis statement. The evidence for this argument is provided clearly in the introduction paragraph and throughout the body text.


3 Paragraphs in the body

The body of your argument is the section that offers evidence to back up and support what you’re stating. Three paragraphs should be included in this part, according to the conventional five-paragraph essay pattern.

All body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence addressing a specific argument raised throughout the essay. You should incorporate a couple of your own views in each paragraph to make this part more intriguing.

The essay’s phrasing should be straightforward and succinct. As stated in the beginning, a thesis statement demonstrates the major aim of the essay.

To maintain bodily harmony, each paragraph should be connected with transition words. These transition words help to keep the material flowing smoothly.

Compelling conclusion.

The final paragraph is referred to as the concluding paragraph.

This section gives context for the general discussion made in the body paragraphs. In the closing lines, the author summarizes the debate by summarizing the essay’s focused issues.

It is critical to restate the thesis statement and remind readers what the entire debate has been about at the end of this essay. The concluding paragraph should create the impression that all arguments have been addressed in some way.


Writing a successful exemplification essay about a nursing essay topic can be challenging? However, by following the guidelines given in this post, i.e knowing when to write an exemplification essay and presenting your examples to support your thesis statement, you are guaranteed to write a successful exemplification nursing essay.

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