PUB-240: Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.


PUB-240: environmental and occupational health and safety course examine factors in both the natural and built environment that influence human health. Along with an overview of contemporary environmental health issues, students examine elements of workplace health and safety, emergency preparedness, and the impact of organizational policies and procedures on human health in occupational settings.

What is environmental safety?

Environmental safety is one of the most crucial areas of health and safety practices. It is the practices, policies, and procedures that ensure that the safety and well-being of anyone in the intermediate area.

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Primary areas of environmental safety.

These are the fundamental areas of environmental safety:

  • Occupational safety and health.
  • Environmental control.
  • Chemical safety.

Occupational safety and health practices.

Occupational safety and health practices concentrate on environmental safety in the workplace, thereby decreasing the risks to employees in any given workplace. After all, many workplaces have hazardous chemicals, gases/fumes, waste and other potential threats to the health and safety of workers.

Environmental control.

Environmental control naturally, is concerned with preventing pollution and other threats to the environment and anyone that may be affected by it. For instance, preventing the dumping of chemicals into the local ecosystem or ensuring proper management of waste materials.

Chemical safety.

Chemical safety is concerned with the safe storage, use, disposal, and so on of various chemicals.

What are the benefits of environmental safety?

Using environmental health and safety programs is beneficial both to the company and the employees. Generally, these programs prevent accidents, illness, and injuries while reducing environmental toxins and spillage.

How do environmental health and safety programs work?

Workplace Environmental health and safety (EHS) awareness starts with a good manager. The manager is responsible for developing EHS plans and protocols. These protocols must be followed by every member of the staff to effectively reduce health risks. Most importantly, a confident and educated EHS manager enables a company to give each employee their protocols to perform during the working day. The EHS workplace culture is linked to fewer incidents as well as a positive overall effect for the company.

The EHS Manager will identify workplace hazards that are most relevant to your business. Then you will get the necessary data that is required to obtain the benefits for your health. In addition, the EHS programs in the workplace aid to develop a company culture based on active EHS awareness.

What are the roles of an EHS manager?

An environmental health and safety (EHS) manager performs various duties including identifying, removing, reducing, and otherwise controlling hazards, and risks.  The duties of an EHS manager include:

  • Managing the safety and health programs
  • Performing industrial hygiene activities and working with hygienists
  • Performing incident investigations
  • Helping safety committees
  • Performing hazard analysis in the workplace
  • Providing environmental, health, and safety training
  • Ensuring EHS compliance with all regulations
  • Performing walkthroughs, making safety observations
  • Identifying hazards
  • Performing risk management
  • Gathering and analyzing EHS indicators
  • Improving employee and operational performance

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