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According to American Psychological Association (2020), nearly half of all United States adults say that stress has negatively affected their behavior. Furthermore, almost one-third of all adults worldwide reported feeling pressured, concerned, or furious (2019 Gallup). According to this research, despite our best attempts, stress appears to be a part of our life and something that some individuals have learned to manage. However, we must keep in mind that one in every five stressed-out college students attempts suicide. This post will go into further detail on what stress is, the sources of stress, the effects of stress, and how to write effects of stress essay as a nursing student.

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So, what is stress …

What is Stress?

Stress can be defined as any change that triggers emotional, physical, and mental pain. It can also be defined as a thing that takes place when others’ demand exceeds our limitations when someone expects something favorable or of some high expectations within a short period. In fact, abstract Stress is a disease that has the ability to kill you just the same as cancer, kidney disease, heart attack, etc.

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Stress Levels.

Though stress is known to trigger anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, and heart disease in worst cases, it can be helpful in short bursts by aiding someone to increase productivity or maintain focus. This may sound absurd but some people feel most energetic and prolific when under pressure. This means that there is bad stress and good stress. To differentiate between the negative and positive effects of stress, we have to look at the different stress levels.

3 types of stress.

There are three levels/types of stress. These are namely:

  • Acute stress.
  • Episodic acute stress and
  • Chronic stress.


Acute stress.

Acute stress is caused by your body’s reaction to a new or challenging situation. Acute stress is short-term and your emotions and body return to their optimal state soon after the trigger diminishes.

Examples of situations that can cause acute stress include:

  • Narrowly avoiding being hit by a car.
  • Feeling you get when you approach a deadline.
  • Feeling from something we enjoy like a roller-coaster ride or personal achievement.
Episodic acute stress

Episodic acute stress results when acute stress occurs often. This means that your body and emotions have no time to return to their calm state/optimal state. Episodic acute stress makes us feel like we are moving from one crisis to another. One example that causes episodic acute stress is working in frequent high-stress situations like nurses.

Chronic stress.

Chronic stress develops when one is exposed to a stressor for a prolonged period of time.


Symptoms of Stress.

There are several symptoms and signs of stress. The following are the main symptoms of stress:

  • Pupil dilation.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Fast and heavy breathing.
  • Emotional ups and downs.
  • Insomnia or poor sleep.
  • Poor concentration.
  • Muscle tension in cases of episodic acute stress.
  • Uncontrolled anger and irritability.
  • Weight gain.
  • High levels of adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Panic attacks and feelings of hopelessness.

What are the Effects of Stress Essay?

Depending on the level of stress, stress can be helpful or harmful. This poses the question, ‘how do we measure stress?’. We cannot measure stress using tests, the only person experiencing it can determine whether it is severe or not. When the healthcare worker identifies your type of stress, he/she can then write a diagnosis based on your explanations and some tests like blood pressure tests.

The following are the different effects of stress:

  • Stress can make you perform better when it occurs at small levels. This can make some people be more productive and focused when under pressure.
  • Research has shown that moderate stress can also boost brain performance.
  • Severe stress can cause ulcers, insomnia, migraines, and weight loss.

symptoms of stress

How to Write Effects of Stress Essay.

This is the outline of the effects of stress essay: example topic: cause and effects of stress on college students.


Start by writing your thesis statement such as, “stress in college students has some fatal effects thus it needs to be addressed.”


In your body, write about 3 paragraphs that support your thesis statement.

In the first paragraph, you can discuss the causes of stress on college students.

In your second paragraph, discuss how the causes of stress on college students such as academic pressure affect the students.

In your third body paragraph discuss how we can prevent stress from affecting most college students. E.g by teaching college students how to handle stressful situations properly/stress management strategies.


Conclude your causes and effects of stress essay by summarizing the key points in your effects of stress essay. Additionally, you can restate your thesis statement to conclude your effects of stress essay.

Example of Effects of Stress Essay.

The following are some examples of essays on the effects of stress you can choose to write about:

  • Effects of stress on college students essay.
  • Causes and effects of stress on healthcare workers essay.
  • Causes and effects of stress on older working generations essay.

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