Discussion 2 – briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics


Discussion 2

According to the Clifton Strength Finder assessment, it is apparent that I am more of a democratic leader or transformational leader (Rath, 2007). I like to include others’ input and make my decisions based on the group’s ideas as a team approach. Other leadership styles, such as strategic and lateral approaches, can help me understand how to network with various groups inside and outside my company (Broome & Marshall, 2021). I tend to focus on the work at hand and forget that others are doing the same job in better ways. I could challenge my co-workers to introduce new ways of producing positive outcomes by intellectual stimulation that can lead to the efficiency of the overall work.

Two core values for me are good communication skills and gaining respect from others. I was described best with the achiever theme. I have a great deal of stamina and work hard. I take great satisfaction from being busy and productive only to produce top-notch results. Being the very best at something is quite important to me. I do not tolerate mediocrity, especially about what matters most to me. And because of those strengths, I set very high expectations for myself. With this strength, I can influence people also to work hard. I like to lead by example to increase productivity and competition (Bracamonte & Gonzalez-Argote, 2022).

My two main strengths, I would say hard work and high expectations of myself. Typically, I push myself until I reach my goals. I believe that I do this because my second theme was futurist. My vision opens people’s minds to new and wondrous possibilities. Because of my strengths in planning for the future, I think a lot about the coming months or years. I want to leave the job better for the next person behind me. The downside is that I worry about being left behind if what I know and do is no longer valued or needed. My biggest fear is not having a job to provide for my family or leaving a good legacy.

Communication was my next strength, and I am an excellent talker. I freely share my ideas or feelings with others, both a blessing and a curse. I am quick to talk as words quickly come to me when I am with people. It is easy to get people to talk about themselves, and I like making them feel like they are the most important person at that time. The verbal give-and-take between human beings is something I value. I will not meet a stranger. The impact of a good nursing leader focuses mainly on patient safety and the satisfaction of other nurses. Hughes (2019) states that the highest job satisfaction was associated with relationship-oriented leadership styles.

The relator theme was my next strength. I believe this goes along with the communication theme. I love to mentor or teach without being overwhelmed with too many details. I bond and work well with co-workers who tell me what they want to accomplish in life. I have close companions who frequently seek my guidance. I want everyone to like me or find me valuable.

briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics

The activator theme described me very well. Especially the part that said these types of people are often impatient. This would be one characteristic that I would like to strengthen. I am assertive and want certain people to like me and do what I tell them to do. I like to get everyone to concentrate on performing one task at a time to keep it simple. Another characteristic I would like to build on would be to stay calm in a storm. I get easily overwhelmed if I have many jobs to complete simultaneously. I have had to learn to focus on one thing at a time. But as soon as I make up my mind on what I want to do, I am eager to get started. People who interfere with my progress can irritate me.

I could improve on these five strengths as a leader by understanding that not everyone is the same type of person. By nature, I want them all to be, but dealing with different personalities and ethics makes it a challenge to get the same results from everyone. Finding each person’s strengths and building on them can help me know who to assign specific tasks to and who might need extra motivation to succeed. I tend to be disappointed when those results are not what they should be. Setting different goals or better expectations depending on the situation can be something I work on by having more patience and understanding that we can do all things with time and more effort.



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Then, briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen based on the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment.

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