Hugo is a 39-year-old male who has encouraged his wife to come to counseling because he is worried about her wine drinking.

diagnosis of substance use disorder

Answer:diagnosis of substance use disorder

The PMHNP must consider that the use of substances may be contributing to and complicating the presentation of an individual’s mental health problems. Great job, take it away quarterback. Use, misuse, and abuse of legal and illegal substances are a common occurrence in today’s society. The signs and symptoms of a substance disorder follow an addiction model, but they are distinct from other mental disorders or medical conditions. Although these symptoms overlap with other diseases, substances themselves must be physically ingested in order to cause a substance disorder.

Hugo’s wife suffers from a substance use disorder, with alcohol being the primary substance of choice. Her drinking has escalated to the point where she is unable to control it, and has begun to exhibit uncontrolled consumption. She is using substances as a coping mechanism and her selection of arousal-reduction strategies has been narrowed to one that allows her to drink and use without interference. This will undoubtedly develop into an addiction for her if it hasn’t already. As long as she continues to be reliant on alcohol as a coping method, their relationship will suffer. There are many things that need to happen in order for these two to get help: diagnosis of substance use disorder

It can be discouraging to realize that you may have a substance use disorder, since it can be tricky to know how and where to get help. As a PMHNP, I think prevention is the best strategy when it comes to substance use disorder. I encourage anyone who is thinking about using substances or has started to use substances to talk with friends and family immediately about their concerns. Often the support of others like friends and family members can help someone avoid substance use disorder altogether, or seek appropriate treatment if needed. Consider contacting an addiction professional for more information about getting help. diagnosis of substance use disorder

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Hugo is a 39-year-old male who has encouraged his wife to come to counseling because he is worried about her wine drinking. Hugo says that he and his wife have shared a bottle of wine with dinner most nights for the last couple of years, but in the last few months he has become worried that she drinks too much. They both agree that she never really becomes intoxicated, but he does not like the fact that evening wine has become the most important part of her meal. If he wants to go out, she will only go to a place that has a wine she likes. Last month they went on a week-long vacation, and she insisted on packing enough of her wine to last the whole time. If they go to a restaurant that does not have a wine she likes, she will take her own in a disposable coffee cup. It seems like for the last few months, she has been drinking more and more, occasionally finishing the bottle alone when he doesn’t want any. Both partners agree that there is no interference with work or any activities or responsibilities, but it is causing some tension in their marriage. When considering a diagnosis of substance use disorder, the PMHNP considers that:

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