Community Behavioral Health Agency Research

Community Behavioral Health Agency Research answer
Mental health disorders have become a leading cause to low health and disability in our
society. Mental health has evolved in order to meet its needs across the United States. The reform
of mental health is part of the change that has taken place in order to help those who suffer from
mental health disorders. The way that this reform of mental health has made an impact is by
taking out the large institutions and moving into offering community based clinics (Jones, A.,
Hannigan, B., Coffey, M., & Simpson, A. 2018). These clinics are supported by hospitals in the
area to help with acute situations when needed. Targeting the communities is an effective way to
help increase the services to the communities in need.
The community I live in is in Washington state, Yakima county. In this area, there is a lot
of agricultural work and production. The majority of the population that work in agricultural
farms are Hispanic. There is a large population of Hispanics and are predominantly low income
families. The health care agency that offers services to his population is called Yakima Valley
Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC). The name literally says it all, they are the clinic for the farm
workers of Yakima.
The mission of YVFWC is “Together we are dedicated to lead, with the courage to care 

the determination to promote personal growth, and the compassion to champion the cause of
those who have no voice”(

This mission describes the dedication of this clinic to provide affordable healthcare to all.

From their first clinic dating back to 1973, they have grown
in the health care services they now provide. They are one of the largest community health care
clinics in the Northwest of the state. There are now 40 clinics in 18 different counties, across Washington and Oregon.
 The vision is to have compassion, treat patients the way they want to be treated, regardless of where they live, or what they can pay.
Community Behavioral Health Agency Research
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