Census tract research brief

Census tract research brief
Census tract research brief

Census Tract 14.02 Lee County, FL

Information to be used is in this link or attached in files.
Use these questions:
In what ways do you currently support or fail to support, the neighborhood that surrounds the place that matters?
Should support be increased? If so, in what ways?
Your answers must be supported by data and observations that reinforce your assessment of the census tract’s strengths and needs. The brief includes an action plan outlining a strategy for increasing or maintaining your support. That support must be tied to a specific need or to an existing strength. Your job here is to review the six draft sections you have worked on each week and to select the most important and relevant findings and drop what has the least impact.
There are six sections for this action plan:
  • Section 1: Background on Self and Place That Matters;
  • Section 2: Key Observations;
  • Section 3: Residents and Households;
  • Section 4: Neighborhood Resources;
  • Section 5: Key Demographics;
  • Section 6: Action Plan.
Broad version of action plan: To work with Ft Myers Central Family Store (part of Salvation army) to bring in donations and volunteer. (please go into detail)
  • This is going to be 8 pages in length so you are going to HAVE to make choices about which information is the most pertinent for your action plan!;
  • Think about the most relevant information that can be visualized through tables, figures, charts etc;
  • When appropriate, show how your census tract compares on some characteristics to adjacent census tracts, the county, the state, and the nation;
  • If there are residents deserving special attention (e.g., veterans, female headed households, etc), consider doing additional research to give greater depth to your analysis (e.g., American Community Survey, property records, news stories etc);
  • Try to avoid offering insight into very small category of residents (e.g, 1% of Asians in the neighborhood), census estimates on smaller groups are less reliable;
  • Your action plan is your plan of action that you are going to be working on. Either you are engaging in individual activities OR you are going to be working with some community organization. Note: this means there is some combination of service to the neighborhood with research, but you can emphasize one over the other.
Suggested layout (Does not have to be exact):

-Cover / Title Page 

  • (Title of the research project,
  • Your name and status relative to the place that matters;)
-Purpose statement
  • In what ways do you currently support, or fail to support, the neighborhood that surrounds the place that matters?
  • Does your support need to be increased? If so, in what ways?
-background write-up on the place that matters
-Map of Neighborhood and Personal Use of Space (recommended to highlight the often-traveled streets by you)
-Census tract map and personal use of spaceCover / Title Page
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