Writing a Case Study Nursing Paper.

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What is a case study in nursing?

A nursing case study should present an in-depth analysis of a real-life incident or a specific situation. A case study in an assignment requires research on a particular issue. For nursing, a case study is about looking at a patient’s information on symptoms, medical history, diagnosis, conclusion, and sometimes recommendations. A nursing case study is like a nursing care plan written in a formal essay format. Thus you should use the nursing process as a method of organizing your thoughts.

Five steps of the nursing process.

Five steps of the nursing process to remember when writing a nursing case study paper include:

  • Make an assessment of the case study nursing paper.
  • Make a list of nursing diagnoses of the patient.
  • State objectives of nursing care and specify the nursing interventions.
  • Explain clearly how you will start the care plan.
  • Clearly state how you will determine the achievement of the objectives of the nursing care plan and outcomes.

In order to write a successful case study report, you are required to plan well. During this planning stage, you should determine a focus and the format you will use to write your case study. It is also important that you write goals and outcomes which show what will be learned from the case study.

These are the 3 categories that make up the sections of a nursing study report.

  • The patient status.
  • The nursing assessment of the patient.
  • Present care plan and possible recommendations.

1.    The patient status.

This section of a case study nursing paper should provide information about demographic data, medical history, and current diagnosis and treatment. Here you can describe the reasons why the patient should seek medical attention and what the subsequent diagnosis was. After stating reasons for seeking medical attention, you can progress by discussing the disease process, defining causes and explaining symptoms and observations. Then you can proceed to explain how the nursing care will be affected by current treatment.

2.    The nursing assessment of the patient.

When writing this section of your case study nursing paper, you should describe nursing diagnoses. In this section, you should explain the vital signs and test results and provide information about nursing observations. You should be specific and explain why you chose a particular nursing diagnosis. These nursing diagnoses will aid you to determine the nursing care plan.

case study nursing paper

3.    Present care plan and possible recommendations.

This is the last category when designing a case study nursing paper. First of all, this section should describe details of the nursing care plan including the measurable objectives and interventions. You should then explain how the nursing care plan will improve the quality of life of the patient. You should also perform evaluations and determine how you can improve the current nursing care plan to achieve the required objectives. Moreover, you can also consider the patient’s status, and diagnosis when making your recommendations. You should also support your recommendations using relevant sources of information. When supporting your recommendations, make sure you adhere to the style guidelines and any other guidelines or writing formats. Lastly, you should consider adding references if there are any.

After you have finished writing your case study nursing paper, you should proofread your report. You should make sure you correct any grammatical and spelling errors. You should also check your punctuation and ensure you have adhered to all the guidelines and instructions provided by your professor.

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