BHA4108 Managing Population Health.


Population health management focuses on health issues and examines how resources might be allocated to enhance the health of a group of people known as a “population.” As a nursing student, studying a BHA4108 Managing Population Health course equips you with population health management skills. These skills enable you to properly manage population health thus delivering a better quality of care to a group of people.

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What is Population Health?

Population health is defined by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as “an interdisciplinary, customizable strategy that allows health departments to tie practice to policy in order for change to occur locally.” In other words, community sectors such as public health, industry, academics, and local government are collaborating to produce beneficial health outcomes.

6 Components of Population Health.

  1. Care Integration
  2. Teamwork.
  3. Care coordination.
  4. Patient engagement.
  5. Value-based care measurement.
  6. Data analytics and health information technology.

1.       Care Integration

An Integrated Delivery System (IDS) is defined as a network that connects healthcare providers to offer services to a specific community through an organized and coordinated network. IDS systems help the community served to monitor and improve clinical outcomes and health status.

2.       Teamwork.

Teamwork helps to offer a patient integrated care rather than pieces of treatment from several perspectives. Additionally, interprofessional teams bring benefits to patients and families by using knowledge, experience, technology, and collaboration culture.

3.       Care coordination.

Care management helps to manage all elements of a patient’s care, integrating their treatment from multiple providers to ensure correct care is done to enhance health care, as well as to assist save costs and avoiding unnecessary or repetitive tests and procedures.

4.       Patient engagement.

“Patient activation” refers to a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to participate in their own health wellness. On the other hand, “Patient engagement” is a larger idea that combines the patient’s activation function with counseling sessions that are aimed to not only boost their own knowledge but also to inspire good behavior such as preventative healthcare and exercising regularly.

5. Value-based care measurement.

According to the NCQA, alternative payment models could adjust service fees by paying clinicians based on the quality of services provided rather than just the volume. Additionally, this would help patients with additional services such as transportation, housing, and food to improve important health outcomes for patients.

6.       Data analytics and health information technology.

Population health management needs data. This data is crucial since it helps us to identify a group and quantify its needs, allowing us to provide the right treatment to the right individuals.

Definition of Population Health Management.

Population health management is a method of providing primary health care (PHC) that incorporates active outreach and community participation in care delivery.

To achieve effective population health management in clinics and in the community, we require a strong organizational structure, efficient information systems, and an appropriate mix and sufficient quantity of providers. In short, we need to implement population health management into our healthcare facilities in order to improve patient health.

Importance of Population Health Management.

There are several advantages of incorporating population health management into our healthcare systems.

The following are some of the benefits of population health management:

  • Real-time access and treatment gaps which are closed, as well as a patient-centric perspective
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Better healthcare quality while lowering expenses
  • Monitoring has resulted in better care for people with chronic and complex diseases which are costly to treat.

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