ATP-214: Care, Treatment, and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Week 1.

  • Under the umbrella of sports medicine, there are PTs, OTs, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and so on.
  • More specialized athletic training, collaboration with sports medicine
  • A physician who has the authority to override/make the ultimate decision.
  • qualities
    Healthcare provider: informed, empathic, communicative, patient calm and decisive under pressure Mindset towards progress, attention to detail
  • bilik
    1917 – The Trainer’s Bible – sports training
  • Sports medicine goods by Cramer First Aider 1932
  • The American MEd. Assoc. designated AT as a health-care profession in 1990.
  • NATA (National Athletic Trainers Assoc.) was founded in 1950 to create standards for professionalism, education, research, and practice environments; it also has a code of ethics.
  • 1950 \sdate NATA began without being dissolved.
  • BOC (Board of Certification) grants ATC certification; function of demarcation study; professional practice requirements; exam history
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